I had so much fun photographing Leia & her parents! She was so cute! She wanted to share everything with me- from her toys to the dirt from the garden! :)

I had a lot of favourites from this session, so I'll just get straight to the photos now!

Leia ~ One Year Old
June 27, 2009

I love her adorable curls!

...and I love this shot of her climbing up the stairs.

We got some great family photos thanks to Leia's grandma juggling behind me- I'm only sorry I didn't get to see the show! ;)

Talia's 3rd Birthday Party

I'm finding lately that I really enjoy running around at events, capturing the meaningful moments and the special details.

Back in January, my daughter Talia turned 3. I planned a "Fairy Princess Tea Party" for her and a couple of her little friends, and took pictures of it all.

If you're on my personal facebook, then you may have seen these back then, but I thought they might be worth sharing on here as well. They're another example of a type of event that could be covered with photography.

Talia's Fairy Princess Tea Party
January, 2009

Talia and a doll, before the 'real' guests arrived.

At the end of a treasure hunt around the house, they found their treasure (chocolate coins, bracelets, and crowns) in the chest, along with their own tutus.

I made the tutus & bracelets! I felt so "Martha"! ;)

Each guest had a little bag of "pixie dust" to sprinkle on her cupcake

This one was taken by my husband- one of the rare pictures featuring me :)

Frosting was by far the most popular part of the cupcakes ;)

I have to give credit to No Fuss Fabulous for some of these party ideas- check out their website for more fun ideas! :)

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Every once in a while I like to get out and try my hand at nature photography.

My favourite will probably always be photographing people, but I do love nature, and I've found that it's relaxing to me to get out and photograph it.

Here are a couple of shots from our place recently.

This one is from our backyard after we got back from vacation (it's really just a weed that grew with our grass after a couple of weeks without being cut, but I think it's pretty :)

And this is a flower from our front garden. It's a nice shot because you can't see all of the weeds around the flower ;) haha