Play Nativity

I bought the Fischer Price Nativity Set this year, so that the girls could play with it and so that we could teach Talia, especially, more about the true Christmas story.

I wrapped up each of the pieces individually, and we talked about the story of Jesus' birth, piece by piece. Talia thanked us for individual pieces, and when we were done, I showed her how pushing the angel down makes the star light up & Silent Night plays. She said, reverently, "Jesus is born!" and placed Jesus, Mary, & Joseph in the stable while the music played. It was pretty cute! :)


  1. where did you find the nativity set?

  2. ...but they didn't have any at our local Zellers- had to get it in Hamilton (my parents were there)

  3. I found the nativity at a Zellers

  4. This is a great tool for retelling the Christmas story.


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