Kiss Cards

Ready to have some fun with Valentine's Day???
Step 1: Get out your reddest, darkest lipstick

Step 2: Thrill your daughter by letting her put it on
Step 3: Tell her to kiss the card
Step 4: She has a ball kissing, re-applying lipstick, and kissing some more
Step 5: add message & whatever else you want & you have a great, personalized valentine! :)

Disclaimer: You will notice Talia wearing this same outfit (which came from the 80's & used to be mine... in many of our photos. It is not because we are making a fashion statement, but because these are her "art clothes"... okay, just had to get that out there ;)

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  1. I would love for you to link to my Virtual Valetine's Day Party and share this great idea. Using real lips to paint the card is such a cute idea.


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