DIY Babylegs!

I have a pair of rainbow stripe babylegs that I LOVE that I bought when Talia was a baby, and now Katrina wears them. I love babylegs, but I don't always feel that I can afford them (I drool over them though, I think they're adorable!!)

Anyway, I have seen some tutorials online for making your own "babylegs" out of knee socks. It is SUPER easy. And when I saw knee socks for $1.25 at our dollar store, I picked out a cute pink argyle pair to try it out!

It took me like 5 minutes- probably less.

Sorry I don't have a better photo for you- it's hard to catch this girl!

How to Do It:

1. cut off the feet, above the ankles
2. turn the legs inside out
3. sew a little hem
4. turn them right side out
5. there's no 5. You're done!

You better believe I'll be picking up a few more pairs next time I'm at the dollar store!

Here are a couple of tutorials with options & step by step photos (also, I'm sure you could google it & find more).

Hand Stitch (I used a machine for mine, but basically followed this tutorial)
With Cuffs (I didn't want to bother with cuffs, but the option is there!)


  1. cute idea and such a money saver! Will have to watch out for cute knee socks!

  2. Do you think I could make some of these for my son?! Hee hee. So cute and you make this seem so easy!! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I linked to this tutorial on today's "I Made it Monday" post. Thanks for sharing!


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