Month in Review - March 2010

Welcome April! :)

In March I made a couple of changes to the blog:

- a new background
- a new dropdown menu at the top of the blog (this took a lot of coding, so if you're checking it out & find any links that don't work right, please let me know!)
- a handy little tabbed feature at the bottom of the blog that will hopefully make navigating a little easier and the blog less cluttered.
Check it out! :)

1. A Mess of Balloons Birthday Party
2. Table Setting Placemat
3. DIY Babylegs (this post is coming tomorrow)
4. Angel Hair for Kids
5. Alphabet Movement Cards
6. Word Cards
7. Virtual Paper Doll Bunny
8. Easter Egg Reading Hunt
9. Mixing Colours and Melting Ice Cubes
10. An Organized Toy System (Guest Post by Jenn at A Joyous Journey)
11. Rainbow Cupcakes (oops, this won't be posted until April- I'll add the link then ;)
12. 5 Minute Chocolate Cake

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