Welcome Home!

A few months ago, my brother returned home from serving a 2 year mission for our church. We were so excited to see him again! So, I rolled out the paper & the girls got busy painting & gluing to give him a proper welcome home ;)

My sister & I also got in on the fun. She came over one day & we designed a clever little Tshirt to wear and a sign to hold up at the airport. He was getting in around midnight at an airport a couple of hours away, so he wasn't expecting a welcoming crew. Amber & I & our grandma made it though, and it was so fun to surprise him! Here we are, waiting for his arrival:


  1. Hey Heather, just wanted to stop by to say that you won the codes for the Shutterfly giveaway from my blog. I'll send you an email with the codes.

  2. oo what a fun way to welcome him home!


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