A Little Artist

Somebody is getting good at drawing....

So fun to watch this happen :)

(Sure the legs & body both connect to the head- so what? ;)


  1. I had a professor in college that said that in her opinion kids drew like that because from their viewpoint we are tall and it may seem like our legs attach to our heads.

  2. That's a really interesting point!
    Ha, so that's what I look like to her! :) hehe

  3. Heather, your art skills are really coming along! Keep practicing! ;)

  4. ahahahaha! :) Why thank you Tami ;)
    ahem... this was drawn by Katrina!

  5. that's ridiculous! i can't believe she can draw that good!

  6. haha, I was surprised when I saw it! She has done a couple other really good ones lately too & I'm like, "really?!"

  7. That is great! How old is she? I taught kindergarten for 5 years and have seen many versions of a person. She has got great details! We used a home-made version of the Handwriting Without Tears to help my now 5 year old jump to the next stage. It really helped with body part placement! This is my favorite stage of writing and I took so many pictures of my daughters drawing and am very glad because they are just so sweet at this stage and will never look like this again!

  8. Hi Amanda,
    She is 2. She'll be 3 in December.
    I know, it's so fun to have pictures of their art! :)


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