Longing for Stillness

I wrote this a few days ago:

I need some stillness.

I have so so many things I want to do.

But time keeps racing past me.

I want still.
But I also want busy.
Not sure why.

I want my house clean.
I want to do a million different things with my blog.
I want time to edit photos, and print photos, and get out & photograph for enjoyment.
I want to play with my girls and be totally involved.
I want to do activities with them & plan things, & be present with them.
I want to plan & make meals.
I want to keep up on tidying my house, decluttering my house, cleaning my house.
I want to have friends over more.
I want to help others more often.
I want to get out on dates with Ken more.
I want to find fun things for Ken & I to enjoy together more.

Funny how you can want so much more & at the same time just want simplicity, and less.

Can you relate?


  1. I could have wrote that! But I am glad you did...I have way too much to do! :P

  2. Rebecca, I commented on your blog.

    Jenn, haha! I know! What am I doing writing? ;)

  3. I will agree with the others...I totally could have written that!! How do we make it happen??? ;)


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