Feature Friday (Suburbia Momma)

1. I google everything. I googled “Weird Facts About Me” hoping something would come up.
2. I tell people I’m allergic to mushrooms, but it’s a huge lie. Fungus grosses me out.
3. While pregnant, I refused to be one of “those” moms. Now I rock my pony tail, smudged mascara from 2 nights ago, and spit up shirt better than most. Until I look in the mirror.
4. I love thunderstorms. It brings out my “glass half full” attitude and makes me want to dance in the rain.
5. Every time I leave the house since having a baby feels like cause for celebration, and I reward myself with Starbucks. Every. Single. Time.

I am a momma in my twenties and soon to be wife. Some days I know it all, some days I am trying to figure it all out. I have a 10 month old super-human child, a home daycare, suburbia drama, a dryer full of cloth diapers and seventeen crafts on the go on any given day. I will tell you about it all.

Grandpa Bubba
The man who raised me passed away on November 8th. This was heart wrenching and life changing. To happen before my baby is old enough to know him, before he walked me down the aisle, only in his 50s and in another country compounded this loss so incredibly. This is my eulogy.
My Son is in this Super Fun New Stage
Little G will only throw his food on the floor, making my dog fat. U
Perfect Mom
Every woman knows each of these moms.
Sensory Overload & Some Leftovers
Oatmeal, water beads, and coloured yogurt – Oh My!
Toddler Slouchy Hat
My first FREE crochet pattern!


Has your reason for blogging changed? If so, why?

I started this blog when I was 11 weeks pregnant so I could record my thoughts and each stage of pregnancy as well as share with my family some pictures and updates. I never imagined I would become the mother I am today – crafting, cloth diapering, play group attending (WHY do we go to those?) organic food buying mom. Now not only do I want the world to know I have the coolest baby out there (I’m only sort of kidding ;) ), I want to share fun ideas, question health concerns, complain about the crazy moms, and network with other people who are able to communicate back to me in more than the 4 words my kid knows.

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  1. Amazing Spotlight. I've been following and have read all of SMs posts. Keep it up!

  2. I totally need to know - what did you find when you googled weird facts about me?


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