How To Make Button Jewellery & Hair Clips

For Talia's 7th Birthday, we threw a Lalaloopsy themed party. For little gifts in their party bags to take home, we decided to make Button rings and hair clips for each of the guests.

I bought rings from etsy (I intended to share the seller, but that was several months ago & I can't find my record of the purchase!). They were adjustable, but I still found them a bit big for kids' fingers, so if you're doing this- be careful about your choice in ring size!
I bought a big bag of bright & colourful buttons from Walmart- they were perfect for our party theme! I also found the hair clips there.

Then I used a glue gun to attach the buttons to the rings & hair clips.
Please note: This was not the best way to attach them! The hair clips that we had did come apart a couple of times after some wear. I have since discovered this glue, which you can get from my sponsor, Wholeport, here. It should work better! (We'll be testing it out on some other jewellery we're making soon!)

We packaged the hair clips in little baggies that we bought at the dollar store and put the rings inside of little yellow plastic eggs that we saved from Kinder Eggs! It was a perfect, fun way to package them and keep them protected to be used in our Pinata!

Stay tuned for more details from Talia's Lalaloopsy themed birthday party! :)

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  1. Super cute. My daughter loves bright things and these came out nicely. Very creative and pin worthy!

  2. This was not the best way to attach them! The hair clips that we had did come apart a couple of times after some wear.view site

    1. Thanks for your comment! Did you find a better way to attach them that worked better for you?

  3. I have some really cool looking buttons. I will also try to convert them in jewelry for my daughter.


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