Thursday Thoughts (Recognition As A Mother)

I was talking to another mom recently about how being a Mom feels like a thankless job with little recognition. I definitely feel that way sometimes. There are other times that are pretty awesome because you can just FEEL how much your kids love you and appreciate what you do for them. They may not be able to explain it to you like an adult could, but they show it through beaming smiles of adoration and cute little comments that speak hidden volumes about how they feel.

On Friday I volunteered in both of my girls' school classrooms.

In Kindergarten, a little boy (B) asked me if I would play with him and be his friend. Then he told me he wanted to draw a picture of us. He retrieved a piece of paper from the teacher & went to work. Then a little girl (H) took my hand and led me over to the carpet to play with her. She soon took my hand again and led me to the "time out bench". I teased her and asked if I had to have a time out. She smiled and said no, but that she wanted us to sit on the bench so she could tell me something. She then confided in me that she missed her Mommy while she was at school. I told her I was sure her Mommy missed her too, and we talked about giving her Mommy a big hug and doing happy things together when she got home. That made her smile. Then we got to work, assembling a puzzle. While we worked on that, B came over to inquire what my favourite colour is. I decidedly announced that it was purple; he nodded and walked away. A little later he presented me with an adorable crayon-drawn picture of him & I standing together on a hill, surrounded by giant, purple flowers. :)

There's something lovely about feeling needed/wanted, and young children are awesome at showing their appreciation for you :) One reason why being a Mom is so awesome! :)

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