Finding the "Story Within the Story" with Nokia #Lumia 1020 Phone Camera from Telus

I've been test driving the new Nokia Lumia 1020 phone for the past couple of months and today I want to share some photos with you that I've been taking with its amazing camera!

I was challenged to find the "story within the story" in my photos, so let's see how that went...
I started by taking a few close ups, just to see what kind of detail I could get:

I walked out into my backyard & looked at my exciting (kidding) lawn and then I noticed this little guy!
This one is actually cropped- the original wasn't taken this close up- so that just goes to show you how great this camera is! That's a pretty clear little caterpillar moseying along in my backyard! He was fast, too! Just look at the "fuzzy" edges to some of those leaves- you can see the fuzz!

This next photo makes me a little sad- I sure miss those blue skies! ;)
(Now all we've got is white skies... and a lot of snow ;)

There was no editing done to any of the photos I'm showing you today- I wanted you to be able to see the colour quality you can get straight out of camera.

By the way, this phone's camera has a 41-megapixel sensor... you guys... my DSLR doesn't even have that!

Katrina was with me when I walked around looking for things to take test photos of, so I took a picture of her. Then I looked for the "story within a story" and cropped the photo just to her eye.
Check out the detail here!

I also wanted to test out the video, so I took this adorable little video of my sister-in-law making my baby nephew laugh. It's adorable! And the quality is great too :)

This next shot was really an outtake (it was an attempt at a shot of the kids' table at a family thanksgiving dinner). I almost deleted it but then I noticed my nephew's face! He kept pulling this face at me every time I tried to take an "un-posed" shot of the kids eating at the table ;) So, a little story within the story, thanks to the ability to crop & still end up with a usable photo!

Check out this post I did in October, about my first try at making my own pie crust! All of the photos in that post were taken with this camera! I would never use my point-and-shoot camera for a post like this, but I wanted to play with this phone's camera some more, and I thought these photos were just fine for that post! (My point & shoot would've been so frustrating to try & get shots like this with!)

This is a sneak peak at the post linked to above- head over to the post to see all of the shots!

Here's a shot I took of the last bite of my piece of pie. I didn't want all of that background mess in the photo, so I just cropped it & the quality after cropping was great!

Something really fun to play with is the Nokia Smart Cam App. It takes a bunch of photos in a row and then it can merge them in different ways. It will choose the best face out of a sequence of shots, or it will show a person several times in a frame if they were moving, or it can blur everything that wasn't moving, like this shot of Talia on a swing:

This camera has been so much fun! I took it with me to Mexico and almost all of the photos I shared with you yesterday from our trip to Mexico were taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020!

These are just a few shots from our trip to Mexico. Yesterday's post shows a lot more photos from Mexico with the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Just a few more shots before I leave you (some photos of the girls on the way to school on a rainy day, a "selfie" of Katrina & I on a hayride on a class trip, and of Talia when I took her out to Red Lobster for her first time).

I wouldn't have had photos from any of these events before this phone unless I brought my ipod along, and I can assure you the photos would not have looked so nice! :)

The only thing that I didn't like about the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone (when comparing with my DSLR for goodness sake!) was indoor photos without natural light. Please note that I am used to using my DSLR with an extra bounced flash when needed, so it's been a while since I've seen the dreaded red eye! Here are a few examples of the less-than-stellar indoor shots I got (but you've seen several great indoor shots earlier in this post that I was able to get with natural light coming in through windows).

The photo on the left required flash which created red eye. The photo on the right was taken in a very dimly lit restaurant.

Regardless of your camera skills, TELUS won't leave you alone to figure this awesome device out- they offer Learning Centre Sessions which give you one-on-one access to device experts who'll teach you all you need to know about your new device, whether that's the Lumia 1020's advanced camera, or one of the phone's many features. This is good news for someone like me because this is the first time I've ever had a cell phone! (I know, welcome to the future Heather!) Luckily for me I have a husband who could help me out ;) It has been a lot of fun!

Disclosure: This phone & a couple of months of service were provided to me for review purposes from Telus. All opinions shared in this post are 100% mine!

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  1. What amazing pictures this thing takes!

    1. It is a very impressive phone camera! It's like having a camera with me all the time (that I know will actually take good quality shots).. I have been loving it!

  2. Did you guys have Thanksgiving at church? ;-)

    1. haha :) Nice catch. Well, we had an extended family gathering there. Someone had come back to Canada for a visit so we got all of the families together that we could & it's just too big of a group for someone's house! :)

  3. Amazing pictures! But the video was def. my favourite. :)


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