Tutorial: DIY 2x4 Chalkboard Christmas Countdown

I was asked to teach a craft for our "Country Christmas" activity for the ladies at church. We got together in November to make things for Christmas and here's what I came up with:

Make Your own Chalkboard Christmas Countdown at www.RaisingMemories.com

Materials you'll need to make one:

- a 2x4 cut to be 14" long
- sand paper or a sander
- vinyl
- chalkboard vinyl
- a Cricut (or something like it that will cut shapes & letters for you)
- Red or green paint for the background
- Cream paint for the edges (or you can just sand the edges)
- Foam brushes (they work best if you're going to dry brush the edges)
- Plastic plate for your paint
- Newspaper to protect your work surface

How to Make One:

1. My husband cut a whole bunch of 14" pieces of wood for me. You can have it done where you buy your wood, or do it yourself if you're savvy with power tools. He also sanded them for me (if you're just making one, it won't seem so overwhelming to sand it with sand paper instead of a sander ;)

2. Then I painted the wood red (or green). Leave one side unpainted, or it'll be sticking to your newspaper or whatever you've got your wood sitting on, to dry! The paint will be brighter when it's wet.

3. After it dries you can dry brush the edges with the cream paint (or use sand paper to rough it up). (Click her to see how to dry brush your edges).

Make Your Own Easy Christmas Countdown at www.RaisingMemories.com

4. Your last step is to cut out the vinyl & stick it on! (I made my letters 1.25" tall with the Cricut American Alphabet Cartridge) in Cricut's vinyl in "latte".

I used Silhouette's chalkboard vinyl and the Sophisticated Cricut cartridge to make the chalkboard shape with Cricut's "Sophisticated" cartridge- I made the chalkboard shape 2.75" tall.

Make a Vinyl & Wood Christmas Countdown at www.RaisingMemories.com

I'm really happy with the way they turned out! All you need is a piece of chalk and you can update your countdown each day! :)


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