A Trip to the Zoo

One day Katrina asked me if bears were just "details" (I wrote about it here). Turns out she thought details were things that were made-up. :)

So, I thought we better try to get to a zoo and see a real bear! I was excited when I found a Groupon for a zoo and went ahead and got some tickets for my parents, too. We all headed out one day and had a grand time :)

The girls LOVED the petting zoo.  That $1 for animal food was well worth it!  We saw some pretty cool animals and even a real bear! :)

I snapped this lovely shot of Katrina looking at the deer and thought I had a nice angle and a really cute shot... until I got home and looked a little closer!  Can you see what I so masterfully caught in my shot?  Ahem... you couldn't have caught that action shot better if you tried!  Awkward..

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