Making Memories with an Indoor Movie Camp-out :)

One of the things Talia had on her summer bucket list this year was a family movie night. She had also talked about a family sleep over. I did some thinking and came up with this indoor movie camp out idea that turned out so fun!

We pulled one of their twin-sized mattresses downstairs and set it up on the floor and surrounded it with the large posters from their science fair projects. (I just realized that I never posted about Katrina'sproject- I need to do that!) The posters made "walls" and we used a quilt to make the ceiling.

indoor movie

We borrowed a projector from Ken's aunt and uncle (we used it here once before) and borrowed Pete's Dragon from the library (our kids had never seen it and we thought they needed to. ha! :)

They snuggled up in their little "tent" and we popped some popcorn.  Ken & I sat on the couch and when it was bedtime, we gave the girls each a flash light, said goodnight and went up to our room.  The girls had SO MUCH FUN with their indoor camp out!

I love it when we can make special fun memories like this for them without too much work for us.  I mean it took a bit of effort, but it wasn't too bad and it was so out of the ordinary and exciting for them!

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