A New Flavour at KFC Today! #sweetchilicrunch

I'm not the greatest cook in the world.  I have always loved to bake, but when it comes to cooking on a regular basis, I'm all about fast and easy!  I do like to make more "special meals" sometimes, but definitely not daily. So, when our family has a really busy day or nobody feels like cooking, I am more than happy to have a "take-out" night!  While I totally support dinners around the kitchen table and lots of talk and interaction, on those take-out nights, we love to set up the kids' table in the living room so that we can all watch a movie, eat, and relax together!  Everyone's happy with a take-out  night!

While we're on the subject of take-out, let me tell you what I did last Thursday!

I had the opportunity to visit KFC's test kitchen with 6 other bloggers.  We were invited there to find out about a new flavour they're releasing (today!) for their bone-in chicken.  This is the first time they've done that in Canada in 6 years!  The flavour is called Sweet Chili Crunch, and we joined their Research and Development Manager (aka "Chief Food Genie", a title that totally suits such a fun and energetic woman who can work magic in a kitchen!) to learn how to make it ourselves!  (See that photo at the top of the post?  I made that chicken myself!)

Here's our group:

You can tell which of us are bloggers because we're wearing KFC hats ;)
Bloggers in the Back Row: Marya, Vinma, Meri, Cyn, Me 
Bloggers in the Front Row: Elizabeth, Deborah
That's the "Chief Food Genie" herself, right there in front wearing the chili hat ;)

When we first arrived, we learned a bit about KFC's cooks' commitment to making the world's most famous chicken recipe "the hard way".  Any misconceptions any of us had about where they get their chicken or how it is made were quickly dispelled and I was very impressed!  They really do make it the "hard way"!

Did you know they hand-bread their chicken right in the restaurant?  Did you know they marinate it for 12 hours before doing so?  Their cooks go through quite a training and although we didn't quite go through the whole process, we did get certified in Sweet Chili Crunch!

It was an eye-opening experience to get to make the chicken myself!  I have new-found respect for anyone who works at KFC!  Below, you can see me breading the chicken, a shot of how the chicken looks right after frying, and a lovely close-up of yours truly, drizzling on the sauce.

As soon as we finished making our chicken, we all gathered for lunch and got to sample it!  That's when I got the photo at the top of this post (which makes my mouth water when I look at it!).  

Now, about tasting the chicken... I admit that I was a little nervous about tasting a new flavour that was described with the word "chili", because I'm not a big fan of spicy hot flavours!  I'm happy to report though that this flavour can accurately be described as "sweet, with a touch of heat".  My mouth was NOT on fire.  I felt the heat, but I could definitely taste the sweet as well, and I really liked it!  If you've got young kids who may not like the heat, you can always mix-and-match the new flavour with the original recipe in any bucket for free!

The Sweet Chili Crunch flavour is only available for a limited time, so try it while it's here!  The flavour is out today and this promotion ends on November 23rd.

Disclosure: I am part of the KFC Sweet Chili Crunch Kitchen experience program with Mom Central Canada and YUM Brands and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Heather! It was great meeting you at the KFC event. Cooking with KFC has certainly changed my outlook on how they have been serving its customers over the years.Their food is anything but fast, I would say. Its all about making a delicious meal the hard way..:)

  2. Oh wow! My hubby is marketing manager for one of the largest groups of KFC stores in Aust - I must say, since he's been working there, I've found how they do it all fascinating! And it's actually not as unhealthy as you would think - I know what you mean about doing it the hard way - everything is from scratch, every day here too - really interesting :)
    Great post - and it's not often I get to talk about how interesting KFC cooking methods are lol!

    1. That's so cool! :) Thanks Eliza, and thanks for taking a moment to comment! Small world! :)


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