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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Canine All Stars are Making a Splash at Canada's Wonderland!

It has been 4 years since the summer we had Season Passes to Canada's Wonderland and sadly, we hadn't been back to the park since! It was lovely to go back again last weekend! Wonderland holds a lot of special memories for Ken and I because it was one of the first places we went on a group date when we were 16 years old! It is so fun to return with our girls who are old enough to ride some of the big rides, but still young enough to enjoy the children's area. We got a taste of everything from thrill rides to kiddie rides to delicious treats and live entertainment (including a fabulous dog show that's new this year)!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10 Ways to Soothe and Prevent Sore Feet at Theme Parks!

When we visited Disney World, we did a LOT of walking! My feet suffered and I had a hard time with it some of the days! I now know a few things that I would do differently (or avoid doing) next time, so I thought I'd share them with you in case you're preparing for a similar trip and would like to try and avoid having sore feet!

1. Wear Good Walking Shoes

You'll want to make sure you have comfortable shoes with you. I suggest you don't bring new shoes (if you haven't "worn them in", they could give you blisters!). Bring something tried and true.

2. Moisture Wicking Socks

There are socks that are made for sports and for sweaty feet. Look for something that's moisture wicking. I had a mixture of moisture wicking and regular socks and I noticed a big difference on the day that I didn't wear moisture wicking socks! It can mean avoiding blisters- totally worthwhile!

3. Change your Footwear

If you're going to be heading back to the park several days in a row like we did, you might want to consider bringing a second pair of shoes or even sandals. I have found that just changing the shape of my shoes gives my feet a refresh! It gives them a break from rubbing in the same places. I wore flip flops one day after my feet had gotten particularly sore and it was nice to let my feet "breathe"! Switching shoes partway through the day is also a good idea.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

May 2016 Sharing Time

Welcome to the May Link Party!

See below for the Link Party and add your best posts, and check out the ones that are shared!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas!

We usually choose a theme to plan birthday parties around and for her 7th birthday, Katrina was set on a mermaid party!  She is a big fan of a movie called Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, so we started planning with an underwater theme! :)

First we set out to transform our living room to feel like we were underwater!  We twisted streamers and taped them to the wall with painter's tape to look like seaweed.  Ken found an aquarium YouTube video to play on our TV to add to the underwater feel.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Into Cash Giveaway

It is SOOO beautiful outside today!  I've already been out for a walk and am thinking about going for another! :)  This is the perfect day for today's post to go up (and I think you'll agree ;)...

Spring Into Cash Giveaway

Who is ready for spring? We sure are! Jen from Ninjamommers.com, Kelly from Citymom.ca and a group of fabulous Canadian bloggers have come together to bring you a chance to win some PayPal cash! This giveaway is open worldwide so spread the word using the hashtag #SpringIntoCash and let's celebrate the coming of the nice weather with a giveaway!  

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Raspberry Ruffle Recipe

The Raspberry Ruffle dessert is a cherished tradition among my husband's family. It's an often-requested treat at family gatherings, by both immediate and extended family and it's my mother-in-law's specialty! Today I'm going to share this special family recipe with you and I'm very confident that you will love it just as much as our family does.

You'll need the following Ingredients:

1 Angel Food Cake
2 3oz. packages of Raspberry Jell-o (the small, 4-serving size)
At least 2 cups of frozen Raspberries (more is better! :)
1 Medium Carton of Whipping Cream
White Sugar
Fresh Raspberries & Mint Leaves for garnish (if desired)
3 Mixing Bowls
A Trifle Bowl (or other serving dish)

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