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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Free Days & Summer Fun!

The first month of our Summer came in with a bang! We did a lot of fun day trips and little getaways within that month, and now we're starting to have more free days. Recently, I decided to take the girls to see a daytime showing of the new Minions movie. We had enjoyed the silly little characters in previous movies and I thought it would be a fun surprise.

That morning, I told the girls to put on their Minion Shirts (from this trip) and that was their clue to the special event of the day. :)

My kids still have some Halloween candy left, so they each gathered some treats from their Halloween bags to bring to the movie and we were off! I had also promised them that after the movie, we would stop by Walmart to pick up some Minion Kinder Eggs as a special treat! (They were excited to add to the Kinder minion collection they began recently).

Here they are outside the theatre with their Kinder Eggs:

I have to say as a parent , that I wasn't a huge fan of the Minion movie. It was fine overall, but I didn't like the amount of "bare bum humour" (including a Minion in a thong) and there was a part that involved torture devices (which were not used in the traditional way, but it made me uncomfortable that they were included in a movie for young kids).  I asked my kids what they thought of the movie and their comments were positive.  I figure most of the things that made me a little uncomfortable probably went over their heads. So, depending on how sensitive you are about what you let your kids watch, you may want to look into the details of the movie before you take your young kids.

It was definitely a fun outing though and the Kinder Eggs were a great way to end it! (They went home to play with the puzzle one of them got, and add the little Minion figurine to their collection).

I love finding little surprise ways to make these free days of summer more fun and memorable!  We did something else really fun recently with a free day, and I look forward to sharing that with you!

Don't forget to visit the Kinder Canada Facebook page this summer (there are lots of games, activity ideas, and contests there!).

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 2015 Sharing Time - Week 4

Welcome to July's Sharing Time Linky!

We had a lot of fun at a cabin recently (details to come) and while we were there, we tried Potatoes on the BBQ- they were amazing!  Details Here.

I had another food post this week, with our little Summer Brunch Party.. a couple of fun (& easy) brunch recipes are over in that post!

I'm excited to see what you've been up to this summer!

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Summer Brunch Party

Earlier this week, my girls and I hosted a brunch party with some of their friends (and their moms). It was such a fun opportunity to get everyone together during the summer! We had fun planning it and choosing some delicious little breakfast items to serve.

The stars of the party were definitely these parfaits!

Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits 
Layer ingredients (below) in whatever portions and order you desire! 
Yogurt (we used vanilla) Fresh berries (we used raspberries, blueberries, & cut strawberries)Granola (we used Jordans Morning Crisp- details below)

We also served little sandwich roll-ups (shown on the top plate in the photo below).  These were very easy to make and looked really fancy to the kids at the party.

Mini Sandwich Roll-Ups 
1. Flatten a piece of bread with a rolling pin
2. Spread topping on (jam, peanut butter, Nutella, or another type of spread you like)
3. Roll it up!
4. Slice it into 3 pieces  (I made 3 roll-ups per piece of bread)

I bought some mini doughnuts and made some chocolate chip oatmeal mini muffins as well.  We served orange juice and apple juice for drinks with pretty little striped straws, on colourful kids' cups and plates for our dishes.

I started to make the yogurt parfaits before my guests arrived and then I stopped, deciding it would be nice to put the ingredients out instead and let the guests make their own, the way they liked them, like a little parfait bar. :)

Some kids wanted their parfaits heavy on the berries, some wanted extra yogurt, and others wanted plenty of granola, so, it worked out well to give them those choices!  I also had two different flavours of Jordans Morning Crisp cereal available to choose from ("Wild About Berries" and "Bursting With Nuts").

You can see in the photo below that there are both fresh berries (which we added) and dried berries (part of the "Wild About Berries" cereal).  I was happy to see that both the adults AND the kids were fans of the granola! I was especially glad that my kids like it because it's made with 100% all-natural whole grain ingredients, without artificial flavours or ingredients, and is sweetened with raw cane sugar.  I love it when my kids are excited to eat healthy things!  I'm excited to try the cereal with milk next!

I had borrowed an extra kids' table from one of the moms there, but we didn't even use it because the kids all wanted to sit together, around the larger table. The moms (and baby) had fun eating and chatting around the "grown-up" table and the kids had their own social time, eating around the kids' table!

After our brunch, we headed outside to a local park and enjoyed the rest of our party out there. I'm so happy we made the effort to have this little get-together!  It wasn't much work to prepare for but it was a lot of fun for everyone involved. :)


Jordans wants to give one of you  a couple of boxes of Jordans Morning Crisp cereal!  The contest will run until July 31st and is open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec. To enter, just fill in the form below! You can find more details about Jordans on their facebook page!   Also, keep an eye out at select Sobeys and Metro locations for Jordans Morning Crisp #Pairfect tour in Ontario beginning August 6th!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to "Bake" Potatoes on the BBQ!

We have had so much fun so far this summer, and one of the most fun things we've done was to go to a Cabin for a few days last week!  I'll share more about that soon, but today I want to share one of the meals that we made while we were there- it was a big hit!  We had a barbecue to use next to our cabin, so we planned some BBQ meals and one that we were excited about was to try BBQ Baked Potatoes!

This meal was SO delicious & I loved the toppings we used!  Keep reading for details & a giveaway at the end of the post!

If you want to recreate this delicious meal, here's what you'll need:

Large Potatoes (one per person)
Chili (we used one can for our family of 4)
Shredded Cheese (I shredded it before leaving on our trip & packed it in a container in our cooler)
Gay Lea’s Gold Premium Sour Cream (available in Ontario- also comes in regular, low fat, fat free, and lactose free!)
Tin Foil
You could also add chives or bacon bits or anything else you love on baked potatoes!

And here's how to do it! :)

Start by "spearing" your potato with a fork lots of times like so:

Then wrap each potato in foil.  This is your goal:  (nice and tight, no rips in the foil)

Here's a look at how to fold your foil to get it nice and tight & closed well:

Next you're going to put your wrapped potatoes onto a heated BBQ grill.

Try to avoid putting them directly over flames so the skins don't burn.

You're probably looking at 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the size of your potatoes and the heat of your barbecue).  You can check them by sticking a fork in (if the potato is soft all the way through, it's ready!)

Here are our toppings all set out and ready on our table:

My husband says this is the best way to cut & prepare a baked potato for eating... cut as seen below, then squish the potato together as shown (using tin foil or something to protect your fingers from the heat!) and then it's all squished up & ready for toppings!

Looking at these photos just makes me salivate!  We started with butter which melts onto the potato, then added chili and shredded cheese which melts all over it.  Don't forget to top with Sour Cream for the perfect cool, creamy touch to balance it all out!  We used Gay Lea's Gold Premium Sour Cream which is extra decadent (so delicious!).

This was the perfect lunch meal while staying at the cabin and is always surprisingly filling!  I think this would be a really fun meal to have at a BBQ with friends, too, to change things up a little from the typical burgers and hot dogs!


Now, for the Giveaway!  You have the chance to win one Gay Lea “BBQ Kit” that also includes a one year supply of Gay Lea product coupons! The contest runs until July 31st, 2015.

Just fill out the form below to enter!

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Rules: Readers may enter across many blogs, they may only win from one participating blog. Entrants must be a resident of Canada, excluding Quebec. The winner can expect their prize in approximately 4-6 weeks!

You can check out the Gay Lea Website for great recipes and more information on their products. They also send out monthly newsletters featuring great tips and coupons!

Disclosure: I am part of the Gay Lea Ambassador Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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