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Friday, February 12, 2016

Heart Stockings - A Valentine Tradition (Free Printable & Giveaway)

We've started a new Valentine Tradition!

I'm about to share all the details (be sure to stick around for the whole post because it includes free printables for you to download, as well as a fun giveaway!)

We have been having fun with a new book called Heart Stockings by Stefanie Hewlett and Allison Foulk, published by Deseret Book.  It's a cute little story book about a brother and sister who are sad about putting the Christmas decorations away and having to wait a whole year for all of those fun traditions!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 2016 Sharing Time

Welcome to February's Link Party!
How To Surprise Your Kids with a Trip to Disney!

Now, on to the February link party!  I love to see what fun things you've been up to!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

10 Delicious Valentine Treats

There were so many delicious-looking Valentine Treat Recipes shared in January's Sharing Time Link Party, so I had to do a roundup of some of my favourites!  Some of these I have tried before, and some of them I am dying to try!  I had a cream cheese mint at an event a little while ago and I'm so excited to see a recipe to make them!

Here are links to all 10 of these mouth-watering treats!

Friday, January 29, 2016

How To Make Your Own Disney T-Shirts!

We surprised our kids with a trip to Disney World for Christmas and I knew that I wanted to make matching T-Shirts for our family as part of the "reveal" (and for us to wear to the park).  I'm really happy with the way that they turned out, so today I'm sharing the (very simple) tutorial with you!

Here are the supplies that I used:

Friday, January 22, 2016

How to Surprise Your Kids on Christmas with a Trip to Disney World!

I have dreamed for a long time about being able to take our girls to Disney World.  I sometimes wondered if we would ever be able to do it!

In November we made the decision to go for it and plan a trip to Florida to take our girls to Disney World! We kept it a secret until Christmas morning, thinking about all of the different ways we could break the surprise news.  It was really fun to think about all of the different possibilities!

Surprising Your Kids with a Trip to Disney

In the end, we came up with a fun way to give them a series of little gifts to open that would answer questions.  I took pictures so I could show you how we did it. :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

10 Ways to De-Clutter & Get Organized!

It seems a constant struggle to keep life organized, doesn't it?  This January I have seen a lot of blog posts and social media posts focused on organization. I've also noticed that Walmart has a huge organization section this season and I feel like everywhere I turn, I see or hear something about the KonMari method! Are you noticing this too?  Are you in the mood to de-clutter and reorganize in your life?

Today I'm sharing 10 things you can do to de-clutter and organize your life!

Starting with one that might be my favourite: 31 Days of Decluttering! Decluttering is one thing I can never seem to get enough of.  I go through phases when I am getting rid of things left and right but there is always too much stuff in our house!  I love this plan of taking one little section per day for a month

31 Days of Decluttering by Simply Stacie

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