Snowman Snowball Toss Game

Here's a simple Snowman Snowball Toss Game that we played at Katrina's Frozen birthday party one year. I'll tell you how to play, what you need, and where to buy fake snowballs if you want to use them!

This game was a definite hit with the party guests- what could be better than indoor snowball games, without the cold?

Indoor Snowball Game

Supplies for Snowball Toss Game:

- Foam Cups
- Black & Orange construction paper
- Scissors & Tape
- Fake Snowballs (we knew someone who had these fun stuffed balls that look like snowballs, but you could use a beanbag or other soft-ish ball :)

Where to Buy Snowballs

An easy place to get fake snowballs is Amazon! Here's a link: Indoor Snowballs
I've also seen them at Dollar Stores!

(As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases)

Indoor Snowball Toss Game Rules

I had Katrina draw snowman eyes & mouths onto black construction paper and carrot-shaped noses on orange construction paper.  Then she and Talia cut them out (so that the mouths were joined together as one piece- made everything much easier ;)

We put those pieces into little bowls on the table with rolled tape as well as the foam cups and the party guests assembled our little "snowman head cups". :)

Indoor Snowball Toss Game
Indoor Snowball Toss Game

Then it was time to stack them up and have a little snowball fight!

This snowball toss was a pretty simple and very inexpensive game but it was SO MUCH FUN!

Hope you can use this idea or a variation of it for your next party!  Feel free to pin it for later :)

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What have been their (or your) favourites? 

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  1. I love this game! (especially with my severe dislike for winter right now! lol) My kids would love it. Maybe a March Break game to keep them busy and off electronics!

  2. How adorable is that! Such a great action shot you got too. Looks like everyone loved the game.

  3. OH how fun!! Looks like they had a blast and that's a pretty easy game to build and execute! I can still do this one even with my DD, 10.

  4. So cool, I love it! :D Am thinking that first, the nephew and I need to finally watch Frozen (we might be the last two people on earth who haven't seen it yet, lol,) and second, pick up the supplies to make this game, 'cause it would totally keep the 4yo entertained over March break, woot! Thanks so much for the inspiration. And WOW those are awesome action pics! :)

  5. lol that looks really fun! with more snow coming down now, we could be having another snow day tomorrow!

  6. Ahhh - thank you - we have a Frozen party coming up for our Miss 8, so I will file this idea away!

  7. Oh I know a few little girls having a Frozen themed party.....this will be a hit!

  8. This looks like so much fun! My kids would all enjoy this.

  9. Awe,this looks like it would make for a fun afternoon

  10. Frozen birthday parties always turn out to be stunning. You planned for nice party and included great games. I would also like to get your help for my son’s holiday party. Hope to hear from you soon.

  11. This is great because you can get the kids to make them and then they play after. It's a 2 for 1 project

  12. I know what we're playing soon!

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