Winter Art Project for Kids

I came across this Winter art project for kids that we did when my girls were toddlers. It's the perfect time of year to give it a try if you're looking for art for winter ideas, especially if your kids are doing virtual school like my province is right now!

This project gets kids playing with tape, paint, and clear paper to make a fun snow globe-like art project. Keep scrolling to see the final result with the overlay!

Art for Winter Painting for Kids

Winter Art Project for Kids with Snow Overlay

For this project, we combined two activities that I saw online at the time (Winter Tree Silhouette from Frugal Family Fun Blog and White-Out Snow Craft from Homeschool Creations).

Supplies Needed:

1. White Paper
2. Masking Tape or Painters Tape
3. Transparency Paper or a clear, plastic freezer bag
4. Coloured Paint & Paint Brushes
5. White Paint or White Out

Learning Through Art for Winter 

1. First we discussed how a tree's trunk is the widest, and then the big branches grow from it, and smaller branches and twigs grow from them. 

2. We ripped pieces of masking tape and applied them to the white paper, to make the shape of a tree. 

3. Then we pressed the tape down really well. 

4. Next, we painted the background onto the page with coloured paint.

5. While that dried, we painted snow onto some sort of clear paper (we used part of a freezer bag, but it didn't work well- the paint started falling off after it dried... perhaps using white out would work better than paint for this part!). 

6. After waiting for the paint to dry well, remove the tape. 

7. Finally, tape one side of the clear paper onto the painted paper 

8. Add & remove the clear paper "snow scene" as much as you want :)

Winter Art Project for Kids

We hope you enjoy this winter painting for kids idea and have some fun together while staying warm inside this season!  If you're looking for more things to do with kids during the Winter, check out the Winter Category section of the blog!

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  1. What a sweet idea. I love this! My youngest would probably really love this project - I will try and add this to our list of things to do this week.

    1. If you get a chance to do it, you'll have to share how they turn out! :)

  2. What a cute idea, I bet my sister-in-law (who is a teacher) would love this. I'll pass this onto her.


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