Popcorn Gift

My mother in law loves popcorn. As a gift, we wanted to give her some special popcorn. Ken brought these containers home from his lab and we got the girls involved by making little labels for the 2 flavours of popcorn we had purchased.

Then we had them roll the paper so that it would fit in the small opening at the top of the container:

And then the fun part was transferring the popcorn over to the new, specially decorated containers:

Dad even tried a paper funnel, but in the end we decided it was easier without it. (I just hope it wasn't too hard for her to get the popcorn OUT of the containers when she wanted to!)

If you were reading Talia's writing, you'll notice we did this a few months ago ;) Finally I'm getting around to sharing the photos with you! :)

I love finding simple ways to do things with the girls that gets them excited to be creative and involved. This was a good one!

Monday Moments ("20 Reptiles!")

Talia was playing on the Wii and unlocked 20 reps of an exercise on Wii Fit.

She turned to me & excitedly announced, "Mom!! I unlocked 20 Reptiles!!!"

Sharing Time (February 2012)

Features for the January Sharing Time were posted on Friday, February 3rd!

If you're feeling generous, I would love it if you'd go & vote for my photo in this contest! Just click this link, then click on 5 stars under my photo & you've voted! You can vote once every 24 hours! Here's the cute photo: (you want to vote for it, don't you?? ;)

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Feature Friday (Notes from the Nelsens)

1. I like for the labels in our pantry to face forward and organize the items inside like they're tetris pieces.

2. I was a gymnast for seven years, coached for eight years, and miss being in the gym.

3. Matt can match better than I can and helps me put an outfit together just about every school night.

4. In high school, I cheered and played slow-pitch softball... which, my most accounts, is a very odd combination of sports.

5. I love reading parenting books and have for years, even though we don't have kids yet. I like imagining what our life will one day be like and preparing in my mind for ways to try to be a good mom. :)

In our blog, you'll find before-and-after pictures of our whole-house renovation, a few of our recent projects and adventures, our favorite finds, books we've read, and recipes we've tried. It's a little bit of everything! We try to enjoy life to the fullest and capture as much as possible in the space that is our blog. We hope you enjoy reading!

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How/Why did you start blogging?

We closed on our first house in September of 2010, and did 5 months of renovations before moving in. I started blogging in hopes of tracking the memories and excitement of the whole process, and to share the experience with our family and friends.

Has your reason for blogging changed? If so, why?

My reason hasn't changed so much as it has evolved. It's now a blog documenting my family and love of crafting. Most of my crafts pertain to my family and home.


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Halftees (Review & Giveaway)

Have you heard of Halftees?

They're a very handy layering shirt without the extra annoyance of straightening & trying to keep the bottom of the shirt smooth under your other shirt! Here is a photo from the website:
You can find photos of more examples here.

And you can watch this little video telling you all about how great they are:

But I want to tell you about them from my own experience. I've been using a basic black halftee. I layer a lot and have loved having a little less to have to wear under shirts that are too low cut! I think these would be especially fabulous during pregnancy- I wish I had known about them when I was pregnant! And I think I will love them in the summer, when there is a little less layerage, and therefore a little less heat!

One thing I want to share with you that I think is important when you're choosing which size to order is that I would recommend that if you're between sizes, go with the larger size. I have tried both a small & an extra small (I can wear either size depending on the store) and found that although it feels fine & looks fine when I first put it on, the extra small irritated my skin under my arm (near my armpit) where the seam of the shirt is, after wearing it for a while). The small doesn't bother me though, so when in doubt- choose the larger size!

These shirts come in a bunch of different colours, sleeve lengths, even turtle necks & lace. They've also got a girls' line!

Our new sponsor, Emily, from Halftees, is going to give away one basic halftee in your choice of colour & size! You can use the rafflecopter form below to enter for your chance to win!

The 3 Year Old Pinkalicious Birthday Party

Today I will share with you the Pinkalicious Birthday Party that I threw for my new little 3 year old. :)

pinkalicious birthday party
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Pinkalicious Birthday Party Ideas

Here's how we decorated normal drinking boxes to turn them into pinkified party drinks!

My little Pinkalicious:

While we waited for the guests to arrive we had a little colouring table set up with pinkalicious coloring pages, stickers & treats.

Most of our Pinkalicious party supplies just came from the dollar store. We chose a pink table cloth, some pink stickers, pink paper, and other pink items from around our house.
Pinkalicious Party

After colouring (top left photo), we had a treasure hunt (clue shown in bottom left photo).

We had our traditional pink tree set up for her birthday which went well with the decor! The treasure hunt brought them to a treasure chest below the Christmas Katrina Tree which contained personalized Pinkalicious lip balm, princess rings, their Pinkalicious Wands, tiaras, and chocolate coins. 

Next, we made our own bracelets:

Then while we waited for Daddy to pick up the pizza lunch, we turned some Nutcracker ballet music on & the girls twirled & danced to their hearts' content!

Then we had lunch which was pizza with pink drinks!

Followed by cupcakes! (What would a Pinkalicious party be without pink cupcakes??!)

They got to decorate their cupcakes themselves:

Pinkalicious Birthday

The birthday girl loaded hers up...

...and here's the pinkalicious cupcake she came up with:

Pinkalicious Cupcake
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It was such fun to prepare this party for her & I loved having a small number of guests- it was so manageable!

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Monday Moments (You'll turn into a boy!)

We have pink & white, checkered tiles in our kitchen.

I just overheard Talia talking to Katrina:

“Don’t step on the white ones or you’ll turn into a boy! Stay on the pink ones!”


I'm Going There Someday

I took this picture of my girls at the temple:

I've entered it in a temple photo contest being held by Deseret Book on their facebook page.

Anyone want to help me out & vote for my photo?

Edited to Add: It came fourth in the voting stage! :) That was exciting!

Feature Friday (Tales of the Scotts)

I have this weird thing where I can't just wash one hand. When would you ever do that, you might ask? When you have a little one you're always holding! I'll wash the free one and then have to wet the other one. It gives me the eeby jeebs not to!

I've always wanted to be an archaeologist. The thought of digging up old treasures from hundreds of years ago excites me!

It wasn't until a few years ago that I learned the true name of Cracker Barrel. I always thought it was Crackle Barrel. For years, that's what I called it.

In college, I spoke and read Spanish almost fluently. And then I gave it up. Learning it again is on my bucket list.

I really love to color. You'd think I'd color all the time but my son doesn't like too. Boo. I won a coloring contest when I was about 9 years old.

I started my blog as a way to document the life of my family and young son. Then several months later, I found crafting! Now Tales of the Scotts is a great blend of family life and my love of all things crafty!

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I love looking at other blogs and all the wonderful ideas out there. I started a Monday post almost two years ago where I feature fun stuff from around the web. That's one of my favorite features!

How/Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging to document my family life.

Has your reason for blogging changed? If so, why?

My reason hasn't changed so much as it has evolved. It's now a blog documenting my family and love of crafting. Most of my crafts pertain to my family and home.


Would you like to see your blog featured here? I'll be doing a "Feature Friday" post, featuring one blogger & their blog on Fridays throughout 2012. If you have a blog that you'd like to see featured, please send me an email to raisingmemories at gmail dot com to submit your blog.