Raising Memories: Hanging Tooth Brush & Paste Holder

Friday, April 21, 2017

Hanging Tooth Brush & Paste Holder

We have a small bathroom with limited counter space and somehow, all four of us ended up using different types of tooth paste. Talia, Ken, & I all have sensitive teeth, but mine are more sensitive, so I use a stronger sensitivity tooth paste. Katrina can't stand the taste of mint. Talia and Ken don't like the same flavour of paste. So, we ended up with a counter that was taken over by tooth pastes!

If you've got this problem, I think you're gonna like this D.I.Y. solution that I came up with!

When I heard about Holster Brands at first, I was excited about their Hot Iron Holster. (As I mentioned, we have a small counter, so sometimes when I'm using heat tools, it's dangerous for anyone else to be walking through the bathroom- I worry about my girls knocking a curling iron and getting burned! Some hot tools are pretty awkward to keep balanced too, so I was excited about the idea of keeping them contained!  I took a picture of the Hot Iron Holster for you (in my mom's bathroom which is way prettier than mine ;)

So I liked the hot iron holster, but when I got looking through their other products, I got excited about their Hobby Holster (I'll share a photo of that on my Instagram later, so stay tuned over there), and then the "Lil' Holsters"... the Lil' Holsters became our tooth brush & tooth paste solution!

All I needed was a picture frame, a piece of scrapbook paper & 4 Lil' Holsters and in less than a minute, I had created the easiest D.I.Y. hanging tooth brush and tooth paste holder in the history of mouth hygiene!

Instead of giving you a photo tutorial, I just made a short video of the process so you could see how I did it (it's SUPER easy!)

Disclosure: Holster Brands sent me these holsters so I could share this project idea with you. As always, all ideas and opinions shared here are my own.

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  1. What a fantastic (and colourful) idea! Not only handy but easy to clean any toothpaste drips! Thanks for sharing your great idea!

  2. I love the holster idea; I haven't seem them before. They keep everything neat, clean and organized. Great idea.

  3. That is such a great idea. I feel like I should have more people living in my home than actually do by the amount of toothbrushes we have.


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