July 2010

W Family Session

I'm getting caught up on editing some sessions. I've been so behind with the computer issues that I had earlier in the summer! Happy to be making progress again- especially with a wedding coming up this weekend!

Here are some photos from the W Family's session:

Lots to Come! (fun ideas, giveaway, review, & more!)

I've been a bit sparse on my blog lately, so my apologies for that- it's tough to balance a busy mom life with blogging! ;) I've got some fun ideas to share though, just waiting to be blogged, and I even have a giveaway coming up! I also have a review on its way for CSN Stores! You've heard me mention them before on this blog & how it's crazy how much they have to offer, anywhere from dining room sets to kitchen stuff (all kinds), toys, and tons more!

So keep reading, there's more fun to come :) And for those sparse weeks, there's always Sharing Time Link Ups where you can share your own great ideas, and find lots of great ideas from other bloggers!

Playing Cards

This was my first Heritage Makers project!

I made this deck of cards for Vanessa, from her engagement photos.

I'm so happy with the way that they turned out!

I used a template for these that was originally for recipe cards- I love how easy they are to change into what you want!

If you'd like to try your hand at making some of these cards, click this link & sign up for a free basic account to give it a try!

If you love them as much as I do, you can get a great deal on playing cards this month with Heritage Makers' Christmas in July Sale! (Send me an email if you want details! raisingmemories@gmail.com)

Monday Moments #19

We went to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant on Saturday.

Those of you who are LDS will get this right away, but for those of you who aren't, here's a quick summary of a part that I'll refer to: Moroni buries the plates that contain his people's record. Then he dies. Many years later Moroni appears to Joseph Smith as an Angel and tells him where to find the plates so that they can be translated and eventually published as the Book of Mormon.

In the pageant, this story is depicted (among others from the Book of Mormon) and near the end, there is a quick summary, listing some of the Prophets whose stories are contained in the Book of Mormon. When they list each prophet, the actor portraying him is lit up on stage. When Moroni came, Talia sucked in her breath in amazement & said, "Moroni is a human again!!"


Be sure to check out yesterday's Sharing Time post for some great ideas that are being shared! While you're there, I'd love it if you'd link up to a fun idea that you've tried!

Sharing Time

I loved this button headband idea from last week's Sharing Time- and I love that you can involve your daughter in the project!

And this DIY Bikewash? Awesome- looks sooo fun!!

Sharing Time

My favourites idea from last week's Sharing Time:

I LOVE the idea of making a softie out of your kids' artwork! So great!


Monday Moments #18

This is coming to you on Wednesday because, well... I posted features on Monday, and a wedding on Tuesday... and it's been a few weeks since I posted a Monday Moments, and it just seemed like time. Enjoy ;)

Talia: Mommy?
My tummy doesn't feel good cuz it just doesn't have any yumminess in it...
but marshmallows have yumminess in them, so can I have some marshmallows?

Just a regular day, playin' in the curtains:

Jenna & Brock

Jenna & Brock
June 18, 2010

Here are just a few of my favourites from Jenna & Brock's wedding last month.

Um... gorgeous, much?

That second one is just for you, Brock, I know you'll appreciate it ;)

Sharing Time Favourites!

I was late getting the Sharing Time Post up for this week,
so I'm adding my favourites from the 2 weeks before that in this separate post.

Here they are! :)

I'm in love with this chalk paint idea!! IN LOVE. Cuz I know Talia will love it. We definitely need to do this one.

I got excited when I saw this Sunday ABC Book because I've had the idea to make somehting like this for, oh, years... and now there's one ready to go! Just download, print, fill a photo book & you're good to go! SO EXCITED to do this!

Super cute and easy hairband idea!

Again, seriously, there are so many great ideas in these Sharing Time link-ups!

Thanks so much to those who are participating in Sharing Time! Last week we had 44 contributions! So great! I'm loving all of these great ideas & blogs!

Sharing Time

Sorry I'm late getting this posted today!

I'll have the features up sometime tomorrow!

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