Hi There!  I'm Heather and this is me with my family:

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About the Blog

This blog's focus is on making memories while raising kids. 

My Girls, photo by Ariana del Mundo

I write about fun things I’ve done with or for my kids and fun places we've been. This often comes out in the form of tutorials with lots of photos and sometimes video. I also share great products and places that I’ve discovered that I think you would love too (sometimes with giveaways for you! :)

This blog started way back in 2008 as a photography blog. You'll continue to see posts where I'll share my latest photography endeavors, but they’re less frequent because of some health issues I've been dealing with.

We are Canadian, currently living in Southern Ontario.

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Behind the Blog

This is My Family

40 Random Things About Me

1. I hate being called “Heath”
2. I love playing with Photoshop
3. Regular Kettle Chips are my favourite non-sugar snack
4. I have never had a pet
5. I danced ballet until I had knee surgery in Grade 9 (still love to watch it)
6. I got a job working for a pickle factory when I was 20. I quit after one day.
7. My favourite number is 7
8. I really like roller coasters (but was too scared to try them until I was in the second half of my teens)
9. I live in Canada and I hate being cold. Figure that out.
10. One time while shopping in Walmart with my mom, I tried to make her laugh by running with the (empty) cart and then stepping up onto it, and coasting on it with one foot up in the air behind me (the cart tipped over and I did a face plant… and she laughed.. until she cried ;).
11. I love to bake, but I don’t like cooking (I want to like it and I'm trying to like it, but I'm not there yet!)
12. I’m competitive
13. My favourite book is Anne of Green Gables
14. I’ve never been stung by a bee (and consequently get irrationally nervous whenever one comes near me)
15. I was 21 when I got married
16. Both of my babies were over 9lbs when they were born
17. If I could have a super power, I would have camera eyes. (The ability to blink and take a picture without the need to grab a camera)
18. I blush easily
19. I was good at high jump and sprinting in elementary school. I was on the track & field team in high school too, but that’s when I stopped winning.
20. My husband is a great cook
21. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
22. When I was in Grade 5, I won a beauty pageant
23. I went to University in Idaho for two years, then finished my degree in Canada
24. I love the smell of Hyacinths
25. My husband lived in Mexico for two years before we were married (I wrote to him every week while he was there)
26. When my fingers or toes get cold (even just a little), they turn white and go numb for a long time.
27. I don’t like hard or chewy candies.
28. I am the oldest of 4 (I have 2 sisters and a brother)
29. My youngest sister had cancer when she was 18. She’s better now.
30. My favourite colours are purple and turquoise
31. I had a half-tuition scholarship for my first year at University, and a full-ride scholarship for the second.
32. I eat cereal for breakfast just about every morning of my life (always have)
33. I’m terrible at decision making
34. My first kiss was with my husband
35. I love swinging on swings
36. I have a B.A. degree in “Liberal Arts” (translation: I took all the courses I was interested in and had a marvelous time ;)
37. I keep my fingernails long and my toenails very short.
38. I’m 5’7& ¾”
39. It’s hard for me to buy clothes for myself or my kids when they’re not on sale
40. Cheesecake is my absolute favourite dessert (too bad I thought it sounded disgusting when I was younger and wouldn’t try it)

Thanks for being here & taking some time to get to know me!
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  1. I love it! And the cart story just about had me crying with laughter!

  2. We have a lot in common. I'm pretty sure at least half of your list could be on my list too. I waited for my husband and we wrote every week too. But that's just one thing. :)

  3. Let me tell you that you have a beautiful family. On the other hand, great blog there are cool stuff.

  4. I can't believe this is the first time I've read this! Such a fun read. My favourite number is 7, and I hate being cold and live in Canada, among other similarities. Some of these things I never knew! Thanks for sharing. Love ya!

  5. Love this blog (I wish I had found it sooner) I am Canadian as well and also met my husband at age 14 - we have one son named Sawyer!


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