June 2019

Bed-in-a-Box Comparison (Endy vs. Douglas vs. Logan & Cove)

With several unpredictable events in our life over the last couple years, we've ended up with a total of 4 different mattresses in 2 years! Today I'll share a comparison review of Endy vs. Douglas vs. Logan & Cove, to help you see how the different bed-in-a-box mattresses compare to each other!

We recently started sleeping on the Endy mattress and this seemed like a good opportunity to share some of our mattress-in-a-box experience. In this post I'll share our observations about a few different mattresses we've tried, to help you if you're shopping for a mattress-in-a-box and would like some real life comparisons to refer to as you do some research!

Endy Douglas and Logan & Cove Comparison

Endy vs. Douglas vs. Logan & Cove 

We started out with a traditional springs & foam mattress that we tried out in a store before purchasing and slept on that for quite a few years, until it was time to replace it. At that time we decided to try the Douglas bed-in-a-box which we enjoyed for just over a year- until our house filled with smoke and consequently, we had to dispose of our damaged mattress. We replaced that mattress with a different style of bed-in-a-box that included foam and springs (this was the first I had heard of a bed-in-a-box with springs!) called the Logan & Cove. We brought that mattress with us when we moved to Utah and slept on it for a year before moving back to Ontario recently.

DIY Faux Wood Floating Shelves & Cariloha Bamboo Towels

Here's how I created faux wood floating shelves in our bathroom closet with supplies from the dollar store!

Our new rental townhouse came with a linen closet inside of the upstairs bathroom. I was very happy about this because our townhouse in Utah didn't have any closets (other than the bedroom closets). This closet had white wire mesh shelves and I wasn't too crazy about them. I didn't love the look and I didn't really like that they have holes in them. It just so happened that a budget organizing YouTuber I watch called DoItOnADime published a video on her channel shortly before we moved in, about a hack to make wire shelves look like floating wood shelves! I loved the idea and with just a few dollar store supplies, I thought it was worth a try!

(Update: It's coming up on 2 years since I made these fake floating shelves & they're holding up great!)

Fake Floating Shelves and Soft Bamboo Towels

I was really happy with the result! If you'd like to try this project yourself, here's what you'll need:

Saying Goodbye to Utah

Our time in Utah came to an end pretty quickly when Ken found out about his new job offer. We found out about the job at the end of January and by the time things were finalized, we had about 6 weeks before we would start driving back to Canada so it was a pretty busy time of selling a lot of furniture, packing all of our stuff, finding someone to sublet our rental townhouse, and trying to make arrangements for our arrival in Canada.

During that time, we also tried to squeeze in as many appointments as we could (haircuts, eye appointments, dentist appointments, etc.!) Here's a photo of the girls & I after our eye appointments:
...and here are the haircut before & afters:

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