April 2016

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Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas!

We usually choose a theme to plan birthday parties around and for her 7th birthday, Katrina was set on a mermaid party!  She is a big fan of a movie called Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, so we started planning with an underwater theme! :)

First we set out to transform our living room to feel like we were underwater!  We twisted streamers and taped them to the wall with painter's tape to look like seaweed.  Ken found an aquarium YouTube video to play on our TV to add to the underwater feel.

Raspberry Ruffle Recipe

The Raspberry Ruffle dessert is a cherished tradition among my husband's family. It's an often-requested treat at family gatherings, by both immediate and extended family and it's my mother-in-law's specialty! Today I'm going to share this special family recipe with you and I'm very confident that you will love it just as much as our family does.

You'll need the following Ingredients:

1 Angel Food Cake
2 3oz. packages of Raspberry Jell-o (the small, 4-serving size)
At least 2 cups of frozen Raspberries (more is better! :)
1 Medium Carton of Whipping Cream
White Sugar
Fresh Raspberries & Mint Leaves for garnish (if desired)
3 Mixing Bowls
A Trifle Bowl (or other serving dish)

8 Reasons Why Your Toddler is NOT Too Young for Disney World!

In the weeks following our trip to Disney World, I've had plenty of opportunities to talk to other parents about our experience and I've heard a lot of them say that they're waiting to go to Disney World or Disney Land until their youngest gets older. I can understand why they'd think they needed to, but after our experience at Disney World, I can see a lot of reasons why you don't have to wait!

#1 - You Can Bring your Toddler on a Lot of Rides!

Many of the rides at Disney World are fine for Toddlers to come on with you. They're the type of ride where you're sitting on a bench (with or without a restraint) and you just sit back while your car or boat moves along a track.  These types of rides are more about what you see around you than wild movements.

April 2016 Sharing Time

Welcome to the April Link Party!

See below for the Link Party and add your best posts, and check out the ones that are shared!

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