February 2016

Wild Florida Airboat Tour & Wildlife Park

If you're in Florida and you want to see alligators, I know just the place!  We visited Wild Florida, a wildlife park that also offers airboat and ranch buggy tours!  It took us one hour to get to the park from our vacation home which is amazing considering that it really felt like we were out in the middle of nowhere!  This was the beautiful view from the dock where we boarded our airboat.

Between the airboat ride and the wildlife park, we saw a lot more than alligators! The airboat tour was a really cool experience.  Here's our airboat, waiting for us:

Florida Vacation Home Rentals with Global Resort Homes

When we planned our vacation to Florida, we wanted to stay somewhere comfortable and memorable, but we also needed to look for something that would be affordable! We planned to meet family in Florida, so that opened up the possibility of sharing a place to stay. While looking into options, I found out about Rental Vacation Homes and was surprised at how affordable they can be!

Global Resort Homes Florida Vacation Home Rental Review by www.RaisingMemories.com

Today I'm sharing some pictures and our experience with Global Resort Homes. That photo above is of the home we stayed in. It had 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a full kitchen, 2 living rooms, and a pool in the backyard!

Horseback Riding in Georgia

We recently drove to Florida for a family vacation. We spent our first day driving 14 hours from our house to my husband's Uncle and Aunt's house in Georgia! We were excited to spend the next day with them at their home and had a wonderful experience, spending the day with Aunt Marlene and her horses! I'm pretty sure the girls were in heaven. ;)

Marlene spent a lot of time with them, teaching them all about how to take care of horses and how to act around them. She showed them what each of the horses eat and the girls helped to get their food ready and feed them. I think it was a great learning experience for them, and was so happy that they could do it!

Heart Stockings - A Valentine Tradition (Free Printable & Giveaway)

We've started a new Valentine Tradition!

I'm about to share all the details (be sure to stick around for the whole post because it includes free printables for you to download, as well as a fun giveaway!)

We have been having fun with a new book called Heart Stockings by Stefanie Hewlett and Allison Foulk, published by Deseret Book.  It's a cute little story book about a brother and sister who are sad about putting the Christmas decorations away and having to wait a whole year for all of those fun traditions!

10 Delicious Valentine Treats

There were so many delicious-looking Valentine Treat Recipes shared in January's Sharing Time Link Party, so I had to do a roundup of some of my favourites!  Some of these I have tried before, and some of them I am dying to try!  I had a cream cheese mint at an event a little while ago and I'm so excited to see a recipe to make them!

Here are links to all 10 of these mouth-watering treats!

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