October 2019

Flooding at the Cottage!

While we were living at a cottage, looking for a place to live, we had a lot of adventures, not the least of which was some pretty intense flooding and I cannot move on from sharing about that time without sharing that with you!

I've already written about some of the most beautiful moments from living at the cottage with you, how it affected me- how our family really needed that time of peace and healing, and how spending a lot of time in nature inspired creativity in our kids. Now let's get onto the crazy, adventurous part of that time!

Here they are standing on the front lawn! Water is well past their ankles & goes all the way to the road!

After living at the cottage for a couple of weeks. we started to have a lot of rain. As the rain continued, the lake level rose and soon we had waves crashing up over the dock and puddles in the front yard that turned into a little lake of their own that spread until it slowly covered one step and then another of the front porch and we wondered if we would need to move to a hotel because the water threatened to reach the door!

Here are a few photos from that time:

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