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July 2013 Sharing Time

Welcome to July's Sharing Time Linky :)

This week I shared an easy way to remove sticker residue from plastic

Now, onto the Link Party! I can't wait to see the fun, Summery ideas you'll add!

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How to Remove a Sticker from Plastic

Earlier this year I posted about how to remove washed-on sticker residue from clothing.
Today I wanted to share something very similar that also worked!

I have a plastic container that came with a sticker label on the lid. I thought it would just come off with washing, so I didn't bother to take it off. I have since washed it many times (by hand and in the dishwasher) and that darn sticker will NOT wash off!

So, I tried the peanut butter method & it's now good as new!

DIY Sticker Adhesive Removal

It's so easy! Here's what you do:

1. Start with hard-to-remove sticker on plastic container.

2. Spread peanut butter over the sticker.

3. Let it sit for a little while (as long as you want- a minute, or a long time if you want to just leave it and come back to it later)

4. Start scrubbing with a scrub brush. (the one I used cost $1 at the dollar store ;)
Your brush will probably get all gunked up with peanut butter- just rinse it out and continue, if it gets difficult to keep going with all of that gunk in the bristles ;)

It'll come off really easily! Follow up by washing regularly to get the peanut butter off, and perhaps a few small pieces of leftover sticker, and you're done! :)


Got sticker residue on clothing? Wash & dry the clothing & now you really can't get the residue off?
Try this easy method for removing washed-on sticker residue from clothing!

Moments: I didn't know Moms could Scream!

It is HOT here right now.
This morning we made some of these and we went outside and had a blast playing with them!

Truth be told, Katrina got all dressed in her swimsuit but once she got outside, she wasn't interested in being hit by the sponges. Soon, Talia came to the door & asked me to join her outside. I thought about how I wouldn't be able to get photos of the fun. Then I quickly decided that wasn't the most important thing. I grabbed my flip flops and a moment later I was being hit left & right by water and Katrina changed her mind about being involved ;)

The squealing was loud and frequent, and at one point Talia exclaimed, "I didn't know Moms could scream!" haha :) Well, I'm glad she knows now.

If you're looking for a cheap ($1) and easy way to keep cool and have fun, grab yourself some dollar store sponges, cut them each into 3 strips, and tie them together with string or a rubber band, and you're good to go! (Photos are at the tutorial at HowDoesShe, link at the top of this post)

A Summer Schedule

Summer has begun and I am proud of myself for starting it with a schedule in place that I think will actually work for us! Last year I spent time making an elaborate schedule that included times, and every moment of the day was assigned to an activity... I think it lasted ONE day before we completely ignored it (though it remained on the wall until school had started, when I shrugged my shoulders, took it down, rolled it up and tossed it.. trying not to feel too much like a failure.

Well, those trial & error moments actually are helpful! It may have taken me 7 years of parenthood to figure it out, but I think I'm on to a scheduling approach that will work for me/us!

Here's What We're Trying:

I ordered a Daily Schedule Pocket Chart by Scholastic (from Amazon).
Then I printed some adorable schedule cards (free from Cara at The First Grade Parade, here).

I'm not scheduling things by time- just by order (everything is less stressful in our world when we go at our own pace!) and the schedule changes every day! I printed a "field trip" card that gets used whenever we get in the car to go somewhere (whether it's something "normal" like grocery shopping or something exciting like a trip to the beach).

Morning 5

We have a "Morning 5" card that stays in place every day, right after breakfast. I heard about this from another blogger, but I don't have the link saved, so I unfortunately can't give her credit, but if I find it again, I will add it to the post! For our Morning 5, there are 5 things the girls need to do to get ready for their day. When they have completed their five things, they come & give me a hug. At that point, I will style their hair (they brush it themselves, but often I will do more to it ;) and check to make sure that their 5 things are done well enough.

When they are finished those 5, they get to play until I am ready for the day. (I'm usually the last one done since I'm helping them ;) We have our list of 5 things on a list posted outside the girls' bedrooms
(shown below).

When I am ready, we do a sort of "opening exercises" for the day. We start with a song and a prayer and read a story from the scriptures. Then we do calendar time. I will post about this soon.

That's the end of the "every day" stuff. The rest of the day will vary depending on what we have planned.
I bought some workbooks for the girls to do some "schoolwork" each day- they are actually having a lot of fun with it!

I am loving this schedule so far because the girls know what to expect, and so do I. I am much better at getting more done when I have something to follow (and the girls keep me accountable ;) I have a good feeling about this schedule- we've already been sticking to it longer than we stuck to last year's summer schedule ;)

Do you have a schedule (written or in your mind) for your summer days?
If you post it, what's your approach?

I'd love to hear your ideas & what has or hasn't worked for you!

Monday Moments

For this next quote, it helps to know that my husband is a PhD student.

Me (to Katrina) : You better go finish getting ready so we can take Dad to school.

Katrina: What does he even learn about anyway?

(We laugh because most people wonder the same thing. and because probably, in her mind, he already knows everything there is to know ;)


I know. It's not Monday. You get Monday Moments today because we were busy yesterday ;)

Monday was pretty awesome for us! :) We took a family trip to the hospital where Ken works and got a tour. We waited in an Ophthalmology Library while he did some work (we had it to ourselves- like our own personal study room, it was kinda cool ;)

Then Ken & his lab mates put on a good show for the girls with dry ice. :)

Next we took our travels to Build-A-Bear because the girls each had a bear whose back needed re-sewing. They really are great over there- the bears were stitched up and given little prescriptions for extra hugs and honey (carrots for Talia's bunny).

It was a really fun family day! :)

Movie Preview Party for #TurtlesTale2

This morning we had a movie preview party for A Turtle's Tale 2, Sammy's Escape from Paradise!

The girls were thrilled to have some of their friends over for a movie party and we were excited to be borrowing a projector so that we could show the movie right on the wall! :)

We had popcorn and rainbow fishy crackers for snacks with drinking boxes, and fun blue dishes and napkins for an underwater theme. :)

We had 8 girls from age 4 to 7 years old visiting for our preview party and they all stuck it out to the end, with varying degrees of interest, but at the end they all concurred that the movie was "awesome!" and shared their favourite characters with me (from the Octopus because it was pink, to "the fish with the big eyes who keeps playing dead". The general favourite part was "the escaping". :)

Who loved the movie?

A Turtle's Tale 2 is rated G and is targeted to 3-10 year-olds. The DVD will be released in just a couple of days- on July 9, 2013.
You can watch the movie trailer below:

Disclosure: I am participating in A Turtle’s Tale 2 – Sammy Escapes From Paradise Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Happy Canada Day!!

We're celebrating Canada Day today!

This photo was taken one year ago, when we were cheering Canada on, in the Olympics.
That girl's hair sure grows fast!

If you're looking for some fun things to do,
while celebrating (Canada Day or the 4th of July coming up),
here are some fun confetti firecrackers that we came up with one year :)

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