February 2017

Digital Sketch Charades

While we were on our Florida vacation, we had a couple of "down time" days in our rental home. We had been walking Disney for days, so lounging around and resting our feet was an important part of our time there! Ken had his tablet with him and we had already found one really fun way to use the stylus at Disney World, so we were excited to try Ken's next creative idea: his version of digital Pictionary!

We figured out how to get the sketches up onto the T.V. and it was so fun to watch them appear! Here's how we did it:

Quick Zip Sheets Review

Here's a thorough Quick Zip Sheets review for you!

Did you know it's recommended that you wash your sheets weekly? My least favourite thing about bed sheets is changing them! I hate it!  I hate folding fitted sheets when they're clean and dry. I hate trying to get them around the mattress properly. I've always wished there were an easier way! With something as old as sheets, I think it's pretty impressive when someone comes up with a new, creative way to make them work better and that's what I'm blogging about today! I've been using QuickZip Sheets for a couple of months now and I'm excited to tell you about them!

Zipper Bed Sheets

They may look pretty typical at first glance, but these are not your typical bed sheets!

Martin's Newborn Photos

My newest nephew was born on November 25th and I went over to snuggle him and take some photos of him on his 5th day. My mom came along to assist me (both with the photography stuff and the snuggling stuff) and we made some fun memories with my sister, posing this little munchkin and rearranging his bedroom to get these shots. It's so sweet to see how they turned out!

 Marty's dad is a baseball fan, so we wanted to get a nice shot with a ball and glove.

He also happens to be a volunteer firefighter, so we took a photo with his coat & helmet.

February 2017 Sharing Time

Welcome to the February Link Party!

RESPs & Compound Interest: Why Starting Now is Better Than Later!

Finances are important, but they can get complicated, and it's easy to get frustrated with all the math and feel like giving up! Considering my recent posts about RESPs, today I want to explain some things about compound interest. If you're not familiar with compound interest or how it works then this post is for you! I'm going to tell you what it is, show you how it works, and demonstrate why it makes a big difference to your investment if you start saving as soon as possible!

What Is Compound Interest?

Simply stated, compound interest means that your interest earns interest. By investing early, you could get a lot more return for the money you invest when you start (your principal investment) than you would with non-compound interest (this is called simple interest).

A Visual Example

To help you see how this works, I've put together a chart for you that shows the difference between an investment with compound interest, compared to an investment with simple interest:

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