Gold, White, Coral & Mint Shared Girls Bedroom Makeover

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gold, White, Coral & Mint Shared Girls Bedroom Makeover

Our girls share a bedroom with a bunk-bed. When we first put them in the same room, we didn't take time to decorate and we found that the arrangement wasn't as functional as we would like. I recently took on the project to give their room a makeover and I'm very excited to give you the reveal today!

We started a few months ago with giving their bunk-bed a makeover. We bought the bed  second hand and it was a honey wood colour before. My mom and dad helped me paint it white one day and that made a huge difference! It looks so nice with the other furniture in the room, and with their bedding!

You probably remember that we got Beddy's bedding for the girls a few years ago and they each had different bedding. As part of the room makeover, we got matching bedding which made quite a difference to the cohesiveness of the room! (The bedding is Beddy's Perfectly Mismatched bedding.. but it matches, in this case... ;) We've had one of them for 2 years and we're loving it just as much as we did when we first got it!)

We are big fans of Beddy's bedding for it's adorable designs and for the ease of bed making with the zip of a zipper!  This has been especially awesome on bunk-beds because they are not easy to make with regular blankets because of the awkward height of the top bunk!

Now, I bring you the wall collage. Getting this arrangement figured out took a lot of planning! I spent a lot of time sketching this out, shopping for picture frames, and texting my sisters for input. The dresser under the collage is also a new addition (we used to have two different dressers in the room that were two different heights- the single dresser is nicer to look at and a better fit for the room). I found the dresser online on (they shipped right to our door and all we had to do was assemble it!).

The mirror was given to me by a friend of my mom's who wasn't using it anymore. I already had the T and the K because I used to have the girls' names up on the walls in their rooms. The letters used to be white, but with a new coat of gold paint, they were all set for this new look!

I found some cute gold bow drawer knobs, but I could only find a 6 pack, and I needed 12 to do the whole dresser. I decided instead to only use them for the top drawers, and to incorporate one of the extras in the collage wall. I bought the round wooden plaque at a craft store and Ken screwed the knob onto it and trimmed the back!  The heart plaque was a little paint project that I put together.

I found a white curtain panel on clearance for less than $10 and was able to alter it to fit the window (I'll share how I did this in a future post), and these cute turquoise bins to store extra blankets in the top of the closet.

The closet had its own makeover! We added some plastic drawers in the bottom, to make room for socks and underwear (because we went from two dressers to one shared one). This meant that shoes could not be stored on the floor of the closet anymore, so I bought a matching shoe hanger for the back of the bedroom door! (I found the shoe hanger and the plastic drawers at Walmart).

One of the problems I wanted to solve with this room makeover was the chair situation. We used to have a child's rocking chair in the room (but the girls outgrew it, so it's in storage... they grow up so fast!) and we had a spare kitchen chair (totally in the way) in the room so that Ken or I could sit in it and read to the girls at night. I found this gold pouf ottoman on and it was the perfect touch to draw the room together with all the new touches of gold, without taking up very much space! It's also nice and light, so we can move it around the room with no problem. This was also shipped right to our door (I have purchased a couple of other items through recently as well- you can get lost on that website, browsing all of their home decor items!)

The blanket sitting on the ottoman in the photo above (and shown in the photo below) is from Beddy's and it has white minky fabric on one side. These blankets are SO soft and warm! 

The girls each have a gold polka dot blanket to go in their room, and I have a grey polka dot one. We have been using these when we snuggle up to watch a movie together and I love having them! In the photo below, I'm wearing a onesie (also from Beddy's) and it is SO cozy- who knew I'd be so excited about a onesie as an adult?!

The room is so much cuter and more functional now than it was before! I love how much more open it feels just with the changes in furniture, furniture arrangement, and even colour choices!

I put up a video on YouTube about the room makeover. If you'd like to check it out, I'll embed it here:

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Beddy's and Wayfair. Products were provided for feature purposes. All opinions shared are, as always, my own.

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  1. Why is "magazine" the first word that comes to mind when looking at your photos? That would be because they are gorgeous! WOW! You have some mean serious talent lady! I would LOVE my girls room made over like this!! :)

  2. Love the makeover! I am sure your girls love their newly made over room. Such a cute and fun room!

    1. Thank you Aimee! It's so nice to have it finished- it makes me want to help them out with keeping it clean, too ;)

  3. Love everything about this - so beautiful and so well coordinated. Love the colours and bunk beds. Inspiring me to makeover my boys room!

  4. OH MY GOSH!!! The room is absolutely stunning! I love all the details and touches put into it, the colors, the little frills and that closet is more organized then mine haha

    1. Thank you so much!! :) Haha I know, I hope we can keep it organized like that! (I could use to organize my own better ;)

  5. Debbie White BeattieApril 9, 2017 at 4:08 AM

    This room looks awesome and the bedding is really cute. I think you did a great job! But the big question is do your girls mind being roommates because I would've hated sharing a room with my sister.

    1. Thank you Debbie! :) haha, well they go through phases of loving it and having a ton of fun together, and wanting desperately to have their own rooms. We just don't have room to split them up in this home anymore, and still have a "play space" and an office area (the other bedroom is a playroom/office now), so they'll have to wait! :)

  6. This is beautiful. My daughters bedroom is kind of set up the same. I love the colors together. It looks awesome.

  7. Oh this is really sweet. You did a wonderful job.


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