5 Benefits of Goal Setting & Planning

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

5 Benefits of Goal Setting & Planning

This year I'm sharing my thoughts on several personal development topics. Last month's focus was on decluttering because I find it helpful to get things simplified and organized before taking on a new project. (If you're interested, you can always go back & try the 31 Days to Declutter Challenge any time) In February, I'm focusing on goal setting and planning. This year I have put a renewed effort into goal setting and planning and I'm already noticing a lot of benefits from it!

How breaking goals up into smaller steps helps

Today's post focuses on 5 Benefits I've noticed from setting goals, planning them out, and organizing those plans into a daily/weekly/monthly planner.

1. Focus & Confidence

Breaking goals down into smaller steps makes focusing on them less overwhelming and easier to do!  Having a small step to focus on (that will bring you closer to the bigger goal) is much more manageable!

Once you've broken the goal down into pieces, you can focus on each "next step" without worrying about the next, because you know it'll come- you have a plan and can feel confident in moving forward!

Making Progress and Setting Successful Goals

2. Noticeable Progress & Encouragement

When you have a vague goal in mind, with no specific plan for how you'll achieve it, you're unlikely to make much progress. When you do make progress, it can be difficult to recognize it but when you take the time to write out your goals and break them into steps, you'll be able to take stock at regular intervals and look back on where you started, and recognize the progress you've made. It's so encouraging to be able to see that you're getting closer to your goal!

3. Stay Motivated & Committed

Once you've verbalized and documented your goal and have a clear destination in mind, you'll feel excited to move toward it!

I've noticed that I tend to wait to do things until I feel motivated (either because I'm excited about doing the thing, or because I'm running out of time to do it, so I'm motivated by a deadline). I've been thinking about motivation vs. discipline. Sometimes, in order to be successful, I think you need to just keep showing up and "just do it", even when you're not feeling motivation. That said, having a destination in mind, and feeling that my plan to get there is do-able tends to create more motivation for me, which makes "just doing it" easier!

Does Setting Goals really work

4. Move Past Procrastination & Overwhelm

I've noticed that when I know what I'm aiming for, I'm more aware of the cost of procrastination
If I don't have a goal in mind, a relaxed, fairly unproductive day seems like less of an issue than when I am working toward a goal. When I have a goal in mind and I know what my next steps are, I'm more aware of what I'm giving up when I procrastinate, so it needs to be worth the sacrifice- do I really need a nap? Will it help me in the end, to be more productive? If not, I'd rather get to work & get closer to the goal!

Overwhelm is less of an issue for me when I have my goals broken up into manageable pieces. Thinking of the goal as one, big, final destination can make it feel overwhelming and nearly impossible to achieve but having it broken up into very do-able steps makes it easier to take action.

5. More Productive & Successful

Each time you complete a small step on the way to your goal, you feel great and that positive reinforcement keeps you working toward the next step, and the next!  The excitement about the progress made creates a positive feedback loop that helps you to continue to be productive.

Benefits of Goal Setting and Planning

It's exciting to have a plan in place and to know that as long as I stay committed to it, I will be at the "finish line" one day!

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  1. I struggle so much with setting goals... and I think it's partly my fear of failure. I feel like if I set too big of a goal and I fail, I'll be so upset. But it's silly... I need to be better about it.

    1. I HEAR YOU! That's a struggle of mine too- I'm working on it!

  2. I'm great at setting the goals, not so great with my follow through. lol.

  3. These are really great goals. I have some that are work related and fitness related

  4. Focus is a huge part of it, as is the motivation to work toward something. For me, I feel like goals are a great way to have a sense of direction. Even if you never get there, it gives you a sense of purpose and which way you want to head.

    1. Yes! & that sense of direction/purpose makes an impact on even just your general sense of well being!

  5. So very important. I use this strategy with my kin clients.

  6. Tackling goals in baby steps are key. This way you can celebrate along the way!

    1. I agree- and it makes it way less overwhelming to move forward!

  7. I find it so hard to stick to planning out a goal! It's something I have a huge part focusing on!

    1. I understand. I've been planning out several goals for this year & it has taken much longer than I expected to get it all figured out. I keep reminding myself that it's better to really get started in February than to just give up becausw I didn't start at the beginning of the year! haha

  8. I have a few goal to set this year. I'm working on the hardest so far so good! Then another hard goal to set! I also have to try again to do my flour bone building exercises. I took a 6 week class last year and had to quit after week 4, my muscle were not adjusting as the class was moving too fast. I do have the book here, but I put it off as I know it will be painful, but if I proceed slowly, hoping muscle will adjust and I could move forward.


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