May 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Elena ~ Maternity

May 30, 2008
Victoria Park, Kitchener
Due June 28

I had so much fun doing Elena's maternity session with her & her husband, Andrew. They were hilarious & full of energy. It was so fun to watch them just play together & enjoy each other. It was also pretty cute how they talk about their baby like they know him or her- saying they can already tell this is a good baby.

A little Titanic action..

I like how intense Andrew is as he hugs his two most special family members :)

I try to fit in at least one silhouette at each maternity session.

Elena wanted one photo to show off her stretchmark-free belly, & here it is!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Jack

Baby Jack
May 29, 2008
At Home
12 Days Old

I was so excited to go and take pictures of Robin's baby boy. Robin and I & our sisters have been friends for pretty much our whole lives, and it was really fun to be living in the same city as her throughout her pregnancy, and now that she has a baby! He's as cute as could be, and here he is :)


Here is a Parts Poster that I designed with some photos from this session:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vanessa ~ Maternity

May 24, 2008
Victoria Park, Kitchener
Due July 2

I met with Vanessa and Jon while they were in town on Saturday to do some maternity photos for them. It was a beautiful day which was a nice change from the weather last week. We took a few shots at Jon's parents' house before heading to a park. I'm really excited for these two to have their first baby as Jon is my husband's cousin, so they are friends of ours. We can't wait to meet their baby boy!

You can't hide, Vanessa ;)

Jon, goofing around as usual- trying to hold up the belly.

"I'm HOW big around?!"

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hilary ~ Maternity

May 3, 2008
Due early July

I recently visited my sister in Maryland and while I was there we got a quick chance to do some maternity photos. We only had about 40 minutes of light to work with, so we had to work fast! Despite the rushed session, I think we got some great photos for her.

That's my daughter, looking forward to July when she can kiss her cousin ;)

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