Paper Hand Flowers

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paper Hand Flowers

Prepare to celebrate Spring early! (you know we're all ready for it.. at least those of us who are experiencing cold weather ;)

My awesome brother & sister-in-law gave Talia 5 rolls of coloured craft paper for her birthday. We found a perfect craft for it here.

How To Make:

Step 1: Trace hand on coloured paper (you could use construction paper if you don't have craft paper)

Step 2: Cut hands out (not the real hands- the paper ones... haha I'm hilarious)
Cut out leaf shapes, if you wish.

Step 3: Curl hands into lily-shape, tape bottom. Stick straw through (I was so satisfied when I realized we had green straws)

Step 4: Curl fingers/petals with scissors (like you would curl ribbon) so that the petals bend out instead of stick up. Tape leaves onto straws.

Step 5: Spray flowers with perfume to make them smell-able! (I got this idea from Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog)

Once you've made your flowers, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Talia wanted to dress up & pretend she was a bride with a bouquet. Valerie and her daughter tied tissue paper flowers to the trees in their backyard during the winter- how fun would it be to stick these out in your garden?... actually.. maybe we will! :)

Funny story.. after typing this(without any clues from me), Talia said "Maybe we should put them outside... maybe they would blow away..." and I said, "Well, we could stick them in the ground..." and she looked up at me with shining eyes & said "Let's do it!", and had her boots on before I could think twice about it! :) ha!


  1. I don't know how you have the energy to do all these fun crafts, but thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Brenda, I saw the craft bug post that you did recently- so fun! I didn't think I would ever be "into" crafting, but here I am.

  3. Thanks for posting this! What a fun idea and I LOVE the "smell-able" part too! :)


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