The Wish and the Peacock (& Giveaway)

The Wish and the Peacock (& Giveaway)

It's time for a book review by Katrina! She recently read The Wish and the Peacock by Wendy S. Swore and I thought the best way to share the book with you would be from her perspective!

Peacock Author Wendy S Swore

In this post, she'll share a brief summary of the story, what she liked about it, and where you can get the book if you (or your child) would like to read it, and a chance for one of you to win a copy!

The Story According to Katrina (No Spoilers!)

One year after her father's death, Paige is going through a tough time. She's trying to keep life balanced while helping on the family farm that her father inherited. When her mom and grandpa want to sell the farm, it's up to Paige, her friends, and a local journalist to save the farm.
With lots of crazy, creative ideas and pranks, they try to sabotage an open house and scare away the real estate agent. When that doesn't work, Paige and her friends find a way to look at the situation with creativity. That opens up some possibilities they hadn't even imagined before!

The Wish and the Peacock by Wendy S Swore

Katrina's Recommendation

I really like Paige's creativity and imagination- especially the way she comes up with things to do, to try to save the farm. For example, putting a bunch of crickets in the real estate agent's car!
I would recommend this book to my friends because it's interesting and mischievous!

Where To Buy

Check your library for this book, or you can buy it at Deseret Book (online or in-store). It's also available on if you're in the USA or if you're in Canada.


We've teamed up with Shadow Mountain Publishing to give one of you a copy of The Wish and the Peacock! To enter the giveaway, just fill out this form:

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I'll be sharing some more book reviews from Katrina and Talia,
so stay tuned if you've got tweens or teens who like to read! :)

Disclosure: Shadow Mountain Publishing sent us an advanced reader's copy of this book for review purposes.

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  1. OOoh my daughter would love this book! She is into this genre! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm so excited to be finished reading Peppa Pig books!

  3. We're always looking for new chapters books for our daughter. She seems to just cruise right through them these days.

  4. Great review! I think my daughter would really like this book

  5. Granddaughter Taylor would enjoy this book. She loves reading and she just turned 9 years old. Hope to win!

  6. My cousin would like this book!

  7. The kids on our unit at the hospital would love to read this!

  8. My oldest granddaughter would enjoy reading this book.


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