Raising Memories: 10 FUN Non-Toy Gift Ideas

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 FUN Non-Toy Gift Ideas

Is this how you feel when you look at your child's toy collection???

I'm posting about 10 FUN Non-Toy Gift Ideas over at HowDoesShe today.

P.S. Our playroom was totally clean when I decided to take this picture. Ken & I messed it up while the girls were sleeping, got the photo, and then cleaned it up again! We are CRAZY!!


  1. Great ideas! I often feel overwhelmed when I am organizing all the toys. That's hilarious that you messed up the play room for the photo. :)

  2. You are kidding me on the P.S. I could never do that to a clean toy room - though it's never clean, so no worries :P

    1. hahaha It's true!!! We looked at each other with wild eyes after laughing at how crazy it would be to do such a thing & were like... should we actually do it? haha ;)

  3. HAHAHHA I CANNOT believe that you messed it up. I especially love your pose...in the mess that you just made. I am packing up 90% of my kids toys this week. I am SOOOOO sick of the constant mess. They need like 5 toys. I am positive.

    1. hahaha Jenn, I'm not surprised that you liked that ;)
      AND I am not surprised you're packing the toys up. ;)
      Let me know how it goes!!

  4. Some great ideas! I especially like the chuck-e-cheese's tokens idea!


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