Raising Memories: Moments: I didn't know Moms could Scream!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moments: I didn't know Moms could Scream!

It is HOT here right now.
This morning we made some of these and we went outside and had a blast playing with them!

Truth be told, Katrina got all dressed in her swimsuit but once she got outside, she wasn't interested in being hit by the sponges. Soon, Talia came to the door & asked me to join her outside. I thought about how I wouldn't be able to get photos of the fun. Then I quickly decided that wasn't the most important thing. I grabbed my flip flops and a moment later I was being hit left & right by water and Katrina changed her mind about being involved ;)

The squealing was loud and frequent, and at one point Talia exclaimed, "I didn't know Moms could scream!" haha :) Well, I'm glad she knows now.

If you're looking for a cheap ($1) and easy way to keep cool and have fun, grab yourself some dollar store sponges, cut them each into 3 strips, and tie them together with string or a rubber band, and you're good to go! (Photos are at the tutorial at HowDoesShe, link at the top of this post)


  1. Cute idea, I like it so much better than water balloons, and they are totally reusable. We may be heading to the dollar store this afternoon!

    1. It is worth the dollar! ;) haha It was a lot of fun- I'm pretty sure we'll be using these a lot more :)

  2. Playing always trumps pictures :) I got no pictures of craft camp today because I was hands-on with everyone's pinatas instead--cut tissue paper, find scissors, pour glue--and everyone was having fun.

    1. You're right, it does! We Moms need to make sure we take advantage of the opportunities to play WITH our kids! (not just to provide play for them, but to be part of it). Good for you- sounds like fun! :)


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