Raising Memories: Top Notch Lobster Fishing Excursion (Prince Edward Island)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Top Notch Lobster Fishing Excursion (Prince Edward Island)

Without a doubt, if you ask Ken what his favourite experience of our entire Eastern Canada road trip was, he'll tell you about our lobster fishing tour! It's definitely up there in my top moments, too. This was SUCH a memorable, educational, delicious, and fun experience!

We started that day in New Brunswick and we were having so much fun collecting seashells at the beach that we left later than planned and made it to Prince Edward Island JUST in time for our Lobster tour! The girls and I hurried to the boat to make it for our boarding time (15 minutes before the boat would set out) while Ken parked our car and ran to meet us! We still can't believe how close we cut it, and we are so glad we made it because it was an experience I would recommend to anyone visiting P.E.I.

On board the boat, there is plenty of seating for all passengers. There were 12 guests on our tour which we thought was perfect. It was a small enough group that we were all able to ask questions and get hands-on experiences.

We were pleasantly surprised by how educational this experience was! Captain Mark (from Top Notch Lobster Tours) taught us a lot about lobsters, lobster fishing, and the fishing industry in this area. He also shared personal stories of Tuna and lobster fishing that kept everyone interested and excited to hear more (even for someone as young as our 8 year old).

We made several stops to haul lobster traps up from the bottom of the ocean and our girls were very excited when they got to help with that!

In one of the traps, we found a crab that we learned about and had the opportunity to hold. It was really interesting to see it up close like that!

In another trap, we found a lobster and I was very surprised and impressed when Katrina decided she wanted to hold the lobster! That's a brave little 8 year old!  Talia was totally brave and willing to touch everything, too! :)

It's funny, the moment the girls have brought up the most from this experience was when they got to put the elastics on the lobsters' claws. Every time we go by the lobsters in the grocery store, they excitedly talk about how they got to put the elastics on a lobster when they were in P.E.I.!

Captain Mark even let the girls have a turn driving the boat! This was right up there with putting an elastic band on a lobster claw! haha  I love how serious Katrina was about this. She describes it in detail when she gets the opportunity to tell the story. 

This is something we really loved about this tour. Mark was great with our kids (and really, everyone on the boat no matter their age). He really made a point of involving everyone and giving us all opportunities to get right in there and experience things first hand. 

If you go on an afternoon or evening tour, a lobster meal is included! We dropped our anchor, sat at picnic tables on the boat and enjoyed a delicious meal!

I loved seeing the girls learn to eat something new. Ken helped them a lot with getting the meat out, but they ate it and they liked it! (Lucky for Ken & I, Katrina couldn't finish her lobster, so there was more for us- bonus!)

Isn't this view beautiful? This is what we could see around us while we ate our dinner. It was so pretty and such a lovely way to begin our time on the island!

This was such an excellent, authentic P.E.I. experience and one that I would definitely recommend if you're headed to P.E.I.! We were impressed with how well it was run and will probably never forget it!

Many thanks to Tourism P.E.I.  for their hospitality and assistance with planning our trip, and to Top Notch Tours for this wonderful experience!

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  1. So fun! We went Cod fishing in PEI but not lobster fishing - will add this to the list for our next visit.

    1. Cool! I'm sure that would've been an interesting experience, too!

  2. Oh my...that lobster dinner has me drooling!! Your trip - and especially that tour - looks like it was a lot of fun. PEI is on our family's travel bucket list.

    1. It was so good! (the lobster & the trip ;) You will love it when you go someday!

  3. So fun! Pretty cool to be able to see where your food comes from and really work for that meat!

    1. Yes, I think it was a really good experience for the kids to see especially!

  4. I want to go and do it! Looks wonderful!

    1. It was such an awesome experience. You'll have to make it happen!

  5. Debbie White BeattieSeptember 11, 2017 at 4:58 AM

    For me going out east would mean unlimited lobster and that would be on my plate every chance I got.

  6. I had never thought of going on a lobster fishing tour but this would be a great experience. I also love being able to eat outdoors and enjoy the view.

  7. Wow, this looks great and so much fun! I love excursions like this!


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