How to Have a Great Staycation

How to Have a Great Staycation

Shortly after we moved to Utah, I was on FOX 13’s lifestyle T.V. show, The PLACE, discussing tips for how to have a great Staycation!

As we're down to about a month of summer, I thought I'd share those tips here again, along with a few links to resources on the blog that will give you some more specific or detailed ideas and inspiration for planning your own Staycation!

Ideas for Family Staycations

Happy Staycation planning!

Here's the video first, and then I'll outline all of my tips (not all of them were in the video)

How to Have a Great Staycation

1. Do Something New!

Whether you choose to do a staycation because you want to save money on travel & hotels, or because you want to explore your local area more, you can find lots of local options you’ve never tried before that fit within any budget!

  • Go somewhere local that you've never been before
  • Search for "(Your Location) Attractions" or "(Your Location) Tourism" and you can find lists of things that people come to visit your area for. Look over the list and if you haven’t done it before, add it to your list of ideas
  • If you're looking for fun in your own backyard, you might like to try an easy backyard campout!

2. Document Your Adventures (But Don't Overdo it!)

Family Vacation Tips for Local Fun

It’s so nice to be able to look back on and re-live the memories you make!

  • Take the right equipment with you (camera, video camera, even underwater cameras) or just your smart phone
  • Document the moments but don’t document EVERYTHING. Remember to put that tech down & enjoy what’s happening in the moment. Don’t interrupt the fun to get everyone to pose for a photo or “do that again so I can get a photo”... sometimes over-documenting can ruin the moment!
  • Want some basic tips to up your photography game? I did a series called "How to Take Better Photos with the Camera You Already Have"
  • Here's some of my favourite travel photography from our trip across Eastern Canada!

3. Exclude Technology

Fun Ideas for Summer Day Trips

Most of us are entertained by movies, shows, games, social media and screens in general during our regular daily life- vacation is the time to leave the norm behind! Just don't do it- put it away as much as possible and make connections with the people around you!

4. Be Flexible, Adventurous, & Spontaneous!

Fun Staycation Tips for Families

You may be staying around home, but you’re on vacation- don’t forget that! Sometimes it's hard for us adults but be spontaneous!

  • Your kids want to play soccer with a tumbleweed? Drop what you're doing & join in!
  • Someone wants to know what's down a path they just spotted? Put your plans on hold & go, explore together!

5. Be Prepared

Don’t forget to prepare for expected (and unexpected) weather and changing temperatures

Fun Ideas of Things to do with Kids during the Summer

  • Pack sunblock, bug spray, allergy medication, hats, sun glasses, sweaters, & umbrellas if you think you might need them
  • 5 Tips to Be Summer Smart 
  • Take everything you need for the activities you have planned ( hiking shoes, quilt, folding chairs, snacks, a first aid kit, etc.)

6. Have A Backup Plan

If you have outdoor activities planned and, despite all your preparations, the weather just isn't cooperating, have some indoor options in mind:

7. Have a Surprise Up Your Sleeve!

If you're vacationing with kids (or kids at heart), have a bonus plan ready that you haven't told everyone about!

Now that you're in planning mode for summer adventures, you might like to check out my post on How to Make the Best of Your Family Beach Trip!

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  1. These are some great tips for a staycation. I prefer to sleep in my own bed, so this would be my option.

    1. I totally get that. A Staycation is definitely the way to go in that case! :)

  2. Great tips, Heather. You're so right about technology. Use it to document, but not EVERYTHING and certainly know when it put it down so you can actually take in what's going on around you.

    1. Yep. That's hard when you're a real fan of photography, but I've been glad when I've consciously put the camera down.

  3. These are some great ideas! I am definitely using some of these with my family, thank you!

  4. aww these are some great tips! I totally need to do more of this with the girls this summer! We need to spice up our day to day during the summer holidays!

  5. After our vacation in New York and Toronto, I'm so exhausted. I could definitely use a little staycation... though the leaving technology behind and not documenting everything part might be hard for a vlogger like me. :P

    1. I bet you are! Looks like you had a great time though! (haha & I know- the struggle is real, to put the camera down when you love photography or videography!)

  6. We love having staycations too! These are great tips :)

  7. All great tips!! I like Tip #4 the best! With a family of 5, being flexible is needed!!

  8. Great tips! I love underwater cameras for kid pics...and it's always a good idea to have a surprise up your sleeve. Sometimes you don't need 'em, but they're great to have!

  9. Loved the photos and so many great tips,we do staycation every other year because we want to save money for a big vacation!

  10. Such useful tips! We'll be having a staycation this Christmas so will be following your advice :-)

  11. These are great tips for a family staycation!

  12. You make me want to do a staycation! I really hate hotels so this is totally something I’d rather do!

  13. Exclude Technology! This is the first rule. Haha, but we need netflix for our Cocoon Staycation Hotel in QC. LOL! We'll just limit the use of smartphones :)

  14. Good tips for a time spent at home and in the community.

  15. These are some great tips definitely needed this year.


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