Betsy & Steve ~ Wedding

Betsy & Steve ~ Wedding

Betsy & Steve
June 23, 2007
Provo/American Fork, Utah

We recently took a trip to Utah for my brother in law's wedding. I wasn't the official photographer, so I steered clear of group shots, and don't have many shots of the bride & groom since that was being done by their hired photographer. But I did get some fun detail & guest shots.

My hubby & my daughter

All of the kids on both sides wore matching outfits :)

My favourite part of the food ;)

...& evidently my niece's as well ;)

Their centrepieces (there were fish- not sure where he was hiding when I took this one)

there he is

My nephew's favourite part of the food ;)

Cake smashing

They got each other good

The aftermath

My father in law with my niece, Anna (the strawberry eater).

Balloons in waiting to be released when the bride & groom made their exit


  1. This is so fun! I ran across this searching for ideas to do with Xander. Randomly, Donovan was asking me about cake smashing at weddings today. I'm not sure if we have these pictures anywhere else, so I'm going to show him tomorrow! Glad you were there. :)

    1. aw, that's so fun! :) I'm glad you found them! (I miss you today- something was weird about my Sunday! ;)


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