The Pink Load

The Pink Load

In my home there are white loads, there are dark loads, and there are pink loads.
Are there others out there like me?

pink load

I have two daughters and while I have nothing against dressing a little girl in anything other than pink, my babies' closets have been graced with an overwhelming majority of pink clothes and blankets from showers and baby gifts.

...and let's face it, a baby girl in pink is helpful when it comes to meeting people who don't know you have a girl- sometimes people can use all the help they can get in determining whether to refer to your child as 'he' or 'she'.

Now that I've got a new (female) baby in the house again, the pink load has made its comeback. I decided to document it since there will come a day that I will miss it.

These are the days to treasure- I sure love my sweet, pink, little girls :)


  1. I have fond memories of my own pink loads--you're right, it's over too soon.

  2. this is so weird - I have pretty much this EXACT same post sitting in my drafts on blogger waiting for a picture! Almost exactly the same opening sentence and everything!

    I LOVE the pink load! Like you, I treasure it while I can because it won't be long until they don't want to wear pink every day anymore.

  3. Too cute! I don't quite have a pink load, despite my two girls, but I definitely have a load of very small clothes at least once a week. :)

  4. We're done with the "very small clothes" but we always have at least two "red" loads a week. We have a lot of red. ;-) As of today, we have one in elementary school (1st grade), one in middle school (7th), and our baby girl will be starting high school in the fall. I'm feeling really old.

    It's cliché to say, I know, but it really goes fast.

  5. I love it that there are others reading this who totally relate :)

    Adam, you are SO right- way WAY too fast!!


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