Chocolate Marshmallow Pancakes!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chocolate Marshmallow Pancakes!

What happens when Daddy makes breakfast on his day off?

The kids get chocolate pancakes with rainbow marshmallows in them, that's what!! ;)

They loved it. Not so healthy, but they loved it ;)

[If you're interested in recreating this, I think he just added chocolate syrup (like the kind you use to make chocolate milk) and mixed the marshmallows in with the pancake mix].

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  1. lol - not the healthiest of pancakes, but great for building memories! :)

  2. I know :) We have a rule in our house that nobody is allowed any of that "candy" kids' cereal except on Saturdays. We usually have healthy stuff. I realize once a week might seem like too often to some, but it works with our family & I think it has taught them that fruit loops and lucky charms are not acceptable breakfasts under normal circumstances (chocolate marshmallow pancakes included ;) haha

  3. Those are awesome! We always make pancakes after church...this week may be a little more fun!
    ...not that blueberries aren't fun...

  4. Might not the healthiest of pancakes but it would make for a fun morning making them


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