Family Portraits (My Sister's Family)

Family Portraits (My Sister's Family)

My sister, Hilary, and her family were in town last month
(she lives in the U.S. and I LOVE it when her family comes back to Canada!)

We scheduled in some time to do family portraits while she was here, and despite an injured toe (poor little Sierra!) and a wandering Brooklyn, we managed to get some keepers :)

I love this one of Sierra with her beautiful, wispy hair floating in the breeze, and that cute, real little smile on her face- busy with her own thoughts, not distracted by my camera :)

The adorable miss Brooklyn (she has grown so much since these!)

Still just as gorgeous as they were the day they were wed ;)

I'm glad we got the chance to do these :) Hope to see you guys again real SOON! :)


  1. Great pics guys! You must hate when they're all so good ... hard to pick which ones to frame :)

    1. haha Thanks Tami! Yeah, I really do hate


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