21 Principles

21 Principles

I am loving the book that I'm reading right now!
It's called 21 Principles by Elder Richard G. Scott, published by Deseret Book.

I've taken my time reading it, just soaking up the information and experience contained in it. This book is a treasure- I know I'll be reading it again. It's a book that will be filled with my own notes and underlined sections. Maybe it's just a topic that's been on my mind a lot lately, but I think it's more than that. I love the way it's written- straight forward, clear, and full of little tips.

Each chapter is on one of the 21 principles that Elder Scott shares that he has learned in his life, in regards to living by the spirit. The chapters are pretty short, but they are packed with goodness! You could spend a lot of time on each chapter, really thinking about the things you're reading and pondering how to apply them in your own life.

It's a great collection of helpful insights, all in one place. I would definitely recommend this one!

This book is available as a hardcover book, an ebook or a book & ebook together.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes from Deseret Book. All opinions expressed here are my very own.

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