DIY Lace Crown Tutorial

DIY Lace Crown Tutorial

Isn't this little lace crown adorable?

How to make a Crown from Lace by

I had seen these floating around Pinterest a few times and knew that I needed to try them!
I took some photos throughout the process so that I could share them with you in tutorial form:

Materials Needed

Fabric Stiffener
Metallic Paint (unless your lace is metallic already)
Wax Paper
Container about the shape you want your crown to form in (I used a vase)
Hot Glue

How To Make Your Crown

How to make a DIY Photography Prop Crown from Lace

1. Start by wrapping wax paper around your container (tape in place)
(protects your container from the fabric stiffener and makes it easy to get your crown off later).

Decide how big around you want your crown
(I just held some lace up to my daughter's head to get an idea).
Cut the lace (so that ends will meet nicely)

2. Cover your lace in fabric stiffener
(you can dip it in the stiffener & then wipe the excess off with your fingers)

3. Wrap the lace around your container

4. Hot Glue the ends of the lace together.
Leave it there to dry.

5. If you don't already have gold or silver lace, you can paint it when you're finished. (I used gold lace that I found on my new sponsor's website, I also got some white lace from the website & plan to use some silver paint on it.

These will make great photo props- I'm excited to use them! And I'm sure we'll use some for dress-up around here as well ;) Here's Katrina, modeling the first one that I made:

DIY Lace Crown Tutorial

Note: I know that you can also use mod podge to make these (instead of fabric stiffener). I tried that first, and did end up with a stiff enough crown to use as a prop for photos, but it didn't last long- it was pretty flimsy. Then I bought the fabric stiffener to try & it definitely worked out better, so I would recommend this method over the mod podge one, from my experience! If you don't have stiffener and want to give the mod podge a try, here is a beautifully photographed tutorial.
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  1. Very pretty, and seems easy! My question would be, where could I find these kind of laces? Does it have to be cut, to look like a crown? Thank you.

    Marlene Detierro (Turnberry Towers Las Vegas)

    1. Hi Marlene, I linked to the website where I found the lace I used in the post. You can also find it at craft stores or fabric stores- just look for lace that's flat on one side & you won't have to cut it. :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting this tutorial! This DIY lace crown was so easy to make! I made one for my daughter's first birthday - check it out:

    Thanks again!


  3. I can't believe how easy this is, and it's so darling!


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