Our Canada Day 2014

Our Canada Day 2014

Going back to the beginning of the summer... July 1st was Canada Day and we spent it at a Pioneer Village that had free admission for the day. We met some cousins and friends there and had fun trying out some games and activities and learning about how pioneers lived.

For dinner we headed to Gummy & Poppy's house (Ken's parents). They live on a court that has several neighbourhood traditions and for Canada day they all meet in the middle of the circle and have a picnic dinner with a bonfire, sparklers, and fireworks. The girls' grandma has a face painting hobby (which you may have seen in some of our birthday party posts here, here, and here.)  So they did a little festive body painting for each other while it was still light out :)

The girls had a lot of fun with the sparklers and then we all sat down for some fire crackers.  Katrina's face is in response to a "stink bomb" fire cracker!  Talia was loving tending to the fire (while I struggled to find a balance between "helicopter mom" and responsibly-cautious-mom as I watched her)!

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  1. lol! "helicopter mom vs responsibly cautious mom"! I will be thinking about this from now on every time I'm feeling that same inner struggle. :)

    1. haha :) I'm so glad you experience those same struggles, Betsy! (that we can understand each other)


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