A Savior Is Born! 12 Days of Christmas Advent

A Savior Is Born! 12 Days of Christmas Advent

While we are still more than 12 days away from Christmas I want to re-share this post so that you can plan ahead if you'd like to try this advent!  It's all focused on Christ and includes activities and printables to make it easy for you to put into action!


Christmas time can get SO busy!  Some years it's hard to keep Christ as the center of the celebration, with parties and shopping and planning to fill your family's time!  Here is a fun 12-day advent that you can do with your family to help them to keep the Savior as their focus. These ideas were put together with busy families in mind, so this will be a good way to remember Jesus and focus on the reason for this season without having to spend too much time planning how to do it!

Each day includes:
- a scripture to read
- a topic to discuss
- a 15 minute activity to do together

You can download a pennant flag bunting (which you can print here) that has all of the scriptures on it, if you'd like a cute decoration/reminder. :)  Hang it all at once or add a flag each day!

You can start now or wait until the last 12 days before Christmas or pick and choose which activities you want to do.  Here's what you'll need & the links to download the free printables:

The activities don't require much, but if you'd like to get a head start and make sure you have the supplies you'll need, here's a guide:

Here are each of the 12 Days' Activities:

Day 1 - Mary
Day 2 - Proclaim
Day 3 - Sing
Day 4 - Read
Day 5 - Love
Day 6 - A Savior
Day 7 - Link to God
Day 8 - The Good Shepherd
Day 9 - Seek Him
Day 10 - Give
Day 11 - Light
Day 12 - Receive

I've teamed up with sugardoodleshop.com to provide this free advent for you. #ASaviorIsBorn

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  1. These are great ideas! I really like the Family Service Bank idea! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Me too! It's so easy to focus on our selves, but I love the idea to have a visual and tangible reminder of doing something to serve others.

  2. I don't come from a religious background, but my son is attending Catholic school so this helps put me on the right track! So far I love hearing him talk about the story of the nativity and Mary & Joseph!

  3. I come from a religious background, but my husband does not. I have to say this sounds like such a creative way to countdown the 12 days of advent. I always enjoyed listening to the scriptures.

    1. Thanks Nicole. :) I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a spouse with a different religion (or just a different background in that area).

  4. I love this idea - such a unique way to countdown to advent. Really meaningful - a great way to bring the message home.


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