Top 15 Posts of 2015

Top 15 Posts of 2015

Some of my most popular posts in 2015 weren't written in 2015, but today I'm sharing the most popular posts that were written in 2015 (or the end of 2014, so they hadn't been up long enough to be popular at the end of 2014 ;)  

Here are the Top 10 Posts of 2015:

1. My niece's Pink and Gray Baby Girl Nursery. This nursery is so pretty and its popularity shows that I'm not the only one who thinks so!  You should see what this cute girl's toddler bed looks like! She has a Daddy who is very handy and a Mommy with great creative vision and their creations are adorable!

2. After throwing a couple of Frozen themed birthday parties, I shared How to Make an Olaf Cake
and it has been my most popular tutorial written in 2015.

3. This vThis was a great project for the girls to do, for Christmas gifts for friends and cousins last year.  The best part was that it could be easily sent in the mail, too!

4. This collection of over 100 St. Patrick's Day Ideas was also a big hit this year.  There are so many fun ways to celebrate St. Patricks Day- this one's definitely worth pinning for 2016!

5. This tutorial was posted in 2014, but became quite popular in 2015. A couple of my favourite pairs of jeans had gotten holes in the knees, so I converted them to shorts with my mom's help (and took step-by-step photos to put together this tutorial: Turn Old Holey Jeans into Shorts).

6. Another popular holiday printable post was this collection of Free Thanksgiving Printables.

7. It's easy to find fun treats for the summertime online, but not always as easy to find fun, cute, HEALTHY ideas! :)  This post shares some of our favourite Healthy Summer Snack Ideas.

8. It's nice to think back on warm weather now!  This post is called Make the Best of Your Family Beach Trip! and includes a list of tips and ideas.

9. I was excited to have the opportunity to review Frigidaire's newest product in 2015 (and we're still enjoying it very much!)  This post about Fridge Organization for School Lunch-Making was a definite hit this year.

10. These Mini Snowball PiƱatas were such a fun twist for one of our Frozen Birthday Parties!

And here are some popular posts from past years:

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Most Popular written in 2014:

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  1. I think its funny that one of your top post is Top posts for 2014... it's a never ending story! All kidding aside, you know my favourite it going to be the post on organizing your fridge for snacks... LOVE IT!

  2. Still haven't seen the movie yet, but "How to Make an Olaf Cake" sounds awesome! Your cake pic makes it look so easy to create one at home, v. cool. :) Loving all the different posts that became popular for you! And that nursery is gorgeousy, WOW! <3

  3. I love looking back to see what posts were in my top 10. Love your old jeans to shorts post!

  4. I love this idea and feel inspired to put a list together of my most popular posts. You have some really good ones!

  5. It sure was a good year i enjoy it all,learned a few things and got some amazing ideas.Thanks

  6. If I had a baby girl I would love this Pink and Gray Baby Girl Nursery.


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