Free Printable Nesting Easter Envelopes & Cards

Free Printable Nesting Easter Envelopes & Cards

As I continue to share a collection of beautiful Easter printables with you this month, I'm excited about these beautiful Nesting Doll-style Easter Envelopes. They're a creative way to give someone a little gift that focuses on the real meaning of Easter. These were created by Heidi Swapp.  Each envelope has a scripture reference inside. When you put them together, you'll be able to keep opening them and revealing a new message on each that helps to tell the story and miracle of Easter.

There are 5 envelopes that get progressively smaller, tucked inside each other. Opening them this way will allow the reader time to look up the scripture references and think about each one as the story unfolds.

These are the little messages inside of the envelopes:

1. “foretold from the beginning” : this was always the plan. God knew it, Jesus knew it. Many waited, and had faith in this promise from a loving Heavenly Father.

2. “betrayed, crucified”: these are the images that we mourn. This is the unthinkable and unfathomable truth of how an innocent man was tortured. He could have stopped it. But he never would “Father, forgive them”.

3. “in Christ shall all be made alive” : the best part. He lives.

4. “He is Risen, Promise of Peace”: This promise is that which makes up for our weaknesses and our short comings. Not just our sin, but also our sadness.

5. “believe” our part… is to believe.

And inside, at the end of the envelopes… is the message that I wish we all knew, without any doubt: “He did it for you”

Materials Needed:

- Card Stock
- Printer
- Scissors
- adhesive
- ruler (for straight folds)
- bone folder (for folds)
- decorative tape (to close envelopes)

Just cut out the cards & envelopes & assemble!  There is a gold version and a black version that you can print.  You can use them as shown, or you could use them as little gift cards. I hope you enjoy them!

Click Here to download a copy to print for yourself! :)

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  1. gotta love free printables! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! There are several on the blog this month for Easter, so be sure to check them all out! :)

  2. Thanks this would be a nice project to do with the grandkids,they could make this for their parents nice and personal

  3. These are just beautiful! Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks Annie, I think so too! ;) & you're very welcome! :)

  4. wow these are absolutely amazing and so beautiful! My family would really appreciate receiving something like this

    1. Aren't they gorgeous? I hope you got a chance to use them!

  5. It's nice to see Easter things that focus on the Resurrection! I have a friend who would really enjoy receiving this. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. Yes, I think it's important to bring the focus back to the resurrection as much as possible! You're very welcome :)

  6. Debbie White BeattieNovember 12, 2017 at 4:46 AM

    OMG, These cards are really beautiful and your writing is amazing

  7. Thanks it's so nice to find free printables from time to time!


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