Would You Rather Web

Would You Rather Web

Here's how to play a fun Would You Rather Web Game. I've included everything you need, including a would you rather list of ideas!

I'm helping to run the "Activity Days" program for the girls (aged 8-11) in our congregation at church. We run activity nights twice a month. Our first activity was full of get-to-know you games. They would make fun ice-breakers or party games for tween girls at any event!

Today's game is a creative twist on "Would You Rather" that shows how we're all connected. I saw a game like this online (I wish I had a link to share with you, but I've lost it) and thought it would be a fun one to re-create.

Would You Rather Web

Here's how you play and what you need to create this game at  home:

Would You Rather Web Game

Everyone sits in a circle except for one person (the leader). The leader passes the cup of sticks around and manages the yarn.

Each person in the circle takes a turn choosing a stick and choosing which of the items on the stick they would rather choose (for example: Apples or Oranges).

Everyone in the circle who would have made the same choice raises their hand.  The leader then loops the yarn around the wrists of each person who would have made the same choice as the person who drew the stick.

The game continues this way until you've created a web that shows how connected you all are, despite your differences!


Popsicle Sticks


Write lots of "either or" game questions on the sticks.  For example: Oranges on one side, Apples on the other.

Would you rather web game

Here's a list of all of the ones I used, to give you some ideas to get you started!

Would You Rather List

Hot Dog or Hamburgar
Fruit or Vegetables
Crossword or Sudoku
Spicy or Mild
Beach or Pool
M&Ms or Smarties
Play Sports or Read
Books or Movies
Too Warm or Too Hot
Peanut Butter or Jam/Jelly
Fame or Fortune/Money
Chocolate or Vanilla
Christmas or Halloween
Milkshake or Juice
Hard Candy or Chocolate
Chips or Pop Corn
Spring or Autumn
Summer or Winter
Cookies or Cake
Pancakes or Eggs
Cats or Dogs
Drawing or Painting
Spaghetti or Pizza
Pencil or Pen
Writing or Reading
Cake or Pie
Mustard or Ketchup
Short Nails or Long Nails
Apples or Oranges
Nuts or Raisins
Board Game or Puzzle
McDonalds or Taco Bell
Rain or Snow
Bath or Shower
Boots or Sandals

The girls really got into it and it was fun to see the resulting web we created!  I found all of the supplies at the dollar store or the craft section at Walmart. I can totally see us playing this game at future birthday parties, too!

Activity Days

If you happen to be here because of Primary Activity Days or you'd like other fun ideas for tween girl parties or activities, check out the Manners & Courtesy Hot Chocolate Tea Party we did!

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  1. very interesting, great way to communicate

  2. This is a great game idea! Good way to get to know one another and bond :) Thank you for the idea!

    1. You're welcome Erin! :) Thanks for taking the time to comment! :)

  3. This sounds fun, and sounds like a great way to get to know each other!

    1. I think it was a good one- the girls seemed to have a lot of fun :)

  4. That's pretty nifty. I think it'd be a great game for all kids.

  5. That's so fun! I love that it focuses on your similarities despite your differences.


  6. This certainly sounds like an interesting and fun game for everyone :-)

  7. I love this. It would be fun to play with my daughter and her friends.

  8. What an interesting idea. I think it would be fun for a group of medium sized kids.

  9. Looks like a great game to play with a group.

  10. Fun, I'll have to pass this on to my friend, she's achievement day assistant for our ward! :D

  11. This is so easy!! Great for Sparks and Brownie groups!! :)

  12. That is a fun idea for any group of kids - probably school age or up though makes the most sense. I like this concept and it really illustrates what you were trying to show too.

  13. what a fun idea! I absolutely love this.Great for a big group of kids like at a birthday party or camp

  14. that is a fun and inexpensive game idea. You could even adapt it to be an ice breaker at work.

  15. I'm going to show my daughter-in-law this idea. My son and daughter-in-law started a youth group at church this year and it's going so well. Do you have any other ideas you could share I could show them? Glad I found your site.

    1. Hi Deena, thank you! Yes, I'll be sharing our activities as we go, there's another one coming up soon! :)

  16. This looks like a great game to help kids loosen up and get to know each other!

  17. These games look like they'd be fun and better yet it gets the kids away from all of the technology for A while

  18. I love games like this where the materials to make it cost next to nothing compared to high priced boardgames. Sometimes the simplest games can create the most fun!

  19. I love picking games for things like this! My girls are off to girls club at church right now!

  20. Thanks for sharing this will be great for our next kids party


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