Raise the Fun by Adding Challenges to Classic Games

Raise the Fun by Adding Challenges to Classic Games

We've been having a lot of fun with games at our house lately! We've been playing with a couple of Hasbro's newer games (that I had in my Families Gift Guide here on the blog and that you may have seen us playing over in my Instagram stories), but we've also been putting new twists on some of the old classics! Hasbro is encouraging everyone to find new ways to enjoy their classic games by making them fun to play and to watch and we've been giving them a try. Keep reading to get some fun ideas to put a twist on some of your favourite games!

The Game of Life PLUS Lemons!

We had our nephews over with their parents and experimented with some of the new challenges Hasbro has created to Raise the Fun! Our girls and nephews were having enough fun playing The Game of Life as it's intended, and we didn't have any lemons on hand this time, but imagine playing this game with a new challenge: every time the game takes a turn for the worse, you have to suck on a lemon! 

Jenga PLUS Chopsticks!

One of our favourite challenges was to play Jenga with chopsticks! Normal Jenga rules apply, but you can't touch the pieces with your fingers- only chopsticks! It was pretty hilarious to see how everyone tried to play this. Some people have great chopstick skills and it really shows when you play this way!

Guess Who PLUS Silly Faces

My girls have been playing this one AND coming up with their own variations! For this one, just try and match the facial expressions of the Guess Who characters and try to get your teammates to guess correctly.

Operation PLUS Human Table!

Next up was Operation, but one of the players becomes the patient by getting on all fours with the board on their back. Other players can try to make them laugh to make it extra tricky. We kept talking about how hard this game is even for adults- we thought we'd have it easy, thinking this was a simple kids' game!

Here's a list of some other Raise the Fun Challenges you can try!

Connect 4 PLUS Musical Chairs!

I can't wait to get our hands on a couple more Connect 4 games so we can play musical chairs with it! This challenge makes me think of one of those games where someone starts a story and you have to pick up where they left off, and finish it. Instead, you've got four Connect 4 games set up and you rotate seats and play as quickly as you can until you have to switch seats. If you don't hurry, all your hard work could contribute to someone else's win!

Taboo PLUS Water

Play the game as usual but every time you pull a card, take a mouthful of water. If you spill before your teammates guess your word, it doesn't count!

Simon PLUS Brain Teasers

Mix up your Simon colours with mismatched labels and see how you do! Call out the colour of the word each time you press the normal buttons- it's like a brain teaser mixed in with your game!

Hungry Hungry Hippos PLUS Feet

Play as usual, but use your feet or elbows instead of your hands!

Twister PLUS Pillows

Stuff a pillow into a loose tee shirt and play the game as usual, with that added personal obstacle!

Playing these games with extra challenges has really rejuvenated them for us. The girls are excited to play games we haven't pulled off the shelves in a long time and we're excited to play the games with visitors and at holiday parties!

Disclosure: We received some games from Hasbro to try out these challenges and share these fun ideas with you. All opinions and experiences shared are, as always, my own.

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  1. These are some great ideas. I love the idea of Jenga and Chopsticks and Guess Who with silly faces. Anyway to raise the fun when playing a game is always welcome. I can remember playing games solo as a child and I would alter the rules so that I could win or lose depending on my altered outcomes. I had a blast. Always.

  2. These are fun ideas for playing the classic games! My kids love playing the games mentioned above, but I worry they will get bored (or too good! lol). This is a great way to keep the classics entertaining and challenging!

    1. Yep, and it renews interest for the adults who know the games so well. :)

    2. I love the idea of Jenga with chopsticks. That is an awesome idea.

  3. These are really fun ideas! I like the Twister one!

    1. Thanks Randa, me too! :) We were surprised to try the new Twister because it has it's own "twists" included that weren't in the original, too! (aside from the pillow idea)

  4. I love these twists! We playe Jenga at a party with friends where we rolled a single dice to see how many blocks we had to pull. Landing on five or six is nerve wracking but it's much fun to watch the other person sweat it out when it's their turn.

    1. Oh, that's a fun idea with the dice! I'm going to remember that one and try it in the future!

  5. Hi!
    I know this is a busy weekend, but I'm hoping you might have a sec to answer this question Re: the Connect 4 musical chairs.

    I picked up three more Con4s for the kiddos for Christmas, and have seen the commercial, but despite your description above, I don't think I get the process.

    Would you mind clarifying the steps, please?

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Here's what the instructions say:
      "Connect 4 + Musical Chairs" Connect four individual Connect 4 boards together to create a cube. Four players sit around the cube with teammates seated directly across from each other. Everybody starts at the same time, and then quickly rotates clockwise to the next seat. Play continues as fast as possible until the first team connects 4!


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